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Here’s The NFL’s Explanation Of The Calvin Johnson Rule And Why Dez Bryant’s Touchdown Didn’t Count

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Here is a complete explanation of the Calvin Johnson rule and why Dez Bryant's touchdown for the Cowboys didn't count.


A Mic’d Up Matthew Stafford Accused Refs Of ‘Home Cookin’ On That Overturned Pass Interference Call

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  By now I'm sure you've read just about everything you care to read about the referees picking up the flag after what appeared to be pass interference against Dallas late in the 4th quarter of Sunday's wild card game between the Lions and Cowboys.


The NFL Admitted To Yet Another Officiating Mistake In The Detroit-Dallas Game

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You'll be shocked to hear this but the officials missed yet another obvious call in the Detroit-Dallas game.


Chris Christie’s Brother Has A Message For People Making Fun Of The Governor’s Cowboys Love

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After people on Twitter made fun of Chris Christie's questionable Dallas Cowboys fanfare, his brother ripped them all a new one.


Former NFL Official Blasts Refs In Detroit-Dallas Game; Says Some Were ‘Intimidated’

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One NFL official put Pete Morelli's crew on blast, says they were "confused" and "intimidated."


George R.R. Martin Thinks Detroit Lions Fans Should Be ‘Screaming For Referee Blood’

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I have no idea what the author of 'Game of Thrones' is talking about, but I'm sure it'll involve the deaths of hundreds of referees.

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The Ndamukong Suh Leg-Stomping Incident Got The Taiwanese Animation Treatment

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Tune in to Sunday's NFC wildcard game to see if Jerry Jones can avoid having his penis stomped on by Ndamukong Suh.


Can Ndamukong Suh Win An Appeal Of His One-Game Suspension?

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Most people think the NFL stepped over the line with the Ndamukong Suh suspension. Can he win on appeal?


The NFL Has Suspended Lions DT Ndamukong Suh For Sunday’s Game Against The Cowboys

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According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the NFL doesn't care if they can prove intent.


Did Ndamukong Suh Purposely Step on Aaron Rodgers’ Leg?

By | 27 Comments

Everyone is calling Ndamukong Suh dirty for this play. What do you think?


Watch The Lions’ Dominic Raiola Stomp On A Player’s Leg

By | 5 Comments

Dominic Raiola is a dirty player and here's proof.

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A Lions Fan Busted A Stranger’s Wife For Cheating At The Thanksgiving Game And Left Him A Note

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Did this man do the right thing by outing a woman who was cheating on her husband?


Russell Wilson And An NFL Player Are Maybe Fighting Over An NXT Personality

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Are NFL players Russell Wilson and Joseph Fauria feuding over a former NXT backstage interviewer? Looks like it.

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All The Times Lions Center Dominic Raiola Has Acted Like An Idiot

By | 11 Comments

Here's a brief timeline of all the dumb things Dominic Raiola has done over the years.


Did The Officials Get This Controversial Call Right In Yesterday’s Lions-Cardinals Game?

By | 25 Comments

A crucial play went against the Detroit Lions in a road game against the Cardinals. Did the officials get it right?


Did Brandon Marshall Really Challenge A Lions Fan To A Fight?

By | 6 Comments

Brandon Marshall is in some hot water this morning after challenging a Lions fan to a fight for $25k.


Brent Grimes’ Interception Was A Thing Of Beauty


Stop what you're doing and watch this interception.

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