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A Lions Fan Busted A Stranger’s Wife For Cheating At The Thanksgiving Game And Left Him A Note

By | 68 Comments

Did this man do the right thing by outing a woman who was cheating on her husband?


Russell Wilson And An NFL Player Are Maybe Fighting Over An NXT Personality

By | 20 Comments

Are NFL players Russell Wilson and Joseph Fauria feuding over a former NXT backstage interviewer? Looks like it.

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All The Times Lions Center Dominic Raiola Has Acted Like An Idiot

By | 11 Comments

Here's a brief timeline of all the dumb things Dominic Raiola has done over the years.


Did The Officials Get This Controversial Call Right In Yesterday’s Lions-Cardinals Game?

By | 25 Comments

A crucial play went against the Detroit Lions in a road game against the Cardinals. Did the officials get it right?


Did Brandon Marshall Really Challenge A Lions Fan To A Fight?

By | 6 Comments

Brandon Marshall is in some hot water this morning after challenging a Lions fan to a fight for $25k.


Brent Grimes’ Interception Was A Thing Of Beauty


Stop what you're doing and watch this interception.


Here’s Video Evidence Of A Fan Using A Laser Pointer On The Buffalo Bills

By | 3 Comments

Here's the stupid fan who used a laser pointer on the Buffalo Bills.

trolling is an art

Watch Buffalo Bills Coach Jim Schwartz Slowly Morph Into The World’s Biggest Troll

By | 12 Comments

Is Jim Schwartz football's greatest troll? He certainly made his case after today's game against the Lions.


Please Enjoy This GIF Of A Buffalo Bills Player Hitting His Coach In The Head

By | 3 Comments

Things you shouldn't do during a football game? Elbow your coach in the head.


The Lions’ Matthew Stafford Was Stranded On A Highway This Morning When A Bridge Collapsed

By | 9 Comments

Matthew Stafford just avoided disaster this morning when a bridge collapsed on his way to practice.


The Most Detroit Lions Injury Ever Results In A Torn ACL

By | 12 Comments

Stephen Tulloch tore his ACL doing the discount double check because the Lions are the worst.


The 13 Biggest NFL Free Agent Moves: A Sad Cowboys Fan Reacts

By | 30 Comments

Recapping the top deals by players and teams (all except Dallas).

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