Lots Of People Came Together To Give A Brand New Car To This Man Who Commutes 21 Miles A Day On Foot

By | 10 Comments

The story of Detroit factory worker James Robertson moved many to offer their donations.


Watch This Car Pulling A Skier In Snowy Detroit Hilariously Get Pulled Over By Cops

By | 5 Comments

While getting pulled by a car wearing skis during a snowstorm is fun, it's probably also not very safe.

kong: skull island

Hey Everyone, Guess Where The Next King Kong Movie Takes Place

By | 17 Comments

It's totally not where you'd expect and it's totally exciting.

College Football Bowl Games

The CMU Football Team Is Really Happy That They Don’t Have To Go To Detroit For A Bowl Game

By | 4 Comments

The Central Michigan Chippewas lost their minds when they heard that they were going to the Bahamas for a bowl game and not Detroit.


A Detroit Homeless Man Stole An Ambulance To Go To A Strip Club Called ‘The Booby Trap’

By | 3 Comments

If you're gonna steal an ambulance, you better have a damn good reason. We think this guy did.


Here’s Proof That Detroit Firefighters Are Using A Soda Can As A Fire Alarm

By | 3 Comments

Soda cans, doorbells and other improvised systems are alerting Detroit firefighters when they have a fire to handle.


Here’s Video Footage From That Insane Storm Yesterday That Submerged Half Of Detroit

By | 7 Comments

We sincerely hope any of you out there in the Detroit area are OK right now, because this storm was pretty scary.

#Batman vs. Superman

Zack Snyder Called In To A Local Detroit Radio Show To Defend Aquaman

By | 11 Comments

Detroit radio show hosts who were talking smack about Aquaman got a call from 'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice' director Zack Snyder.


A Local News Station Caught A Glimpse Of All The ‘Batman V. Superman’ Destruction Filming In Detroit

By | 3 Comments

Check out this Channel 7 chopper footage that we can't imagine Zack Snyder is overly stoked about.


A Tampa Bay News Station Learned A Valuable Lesson About Posting Stupid Memes

By | 27 Comments

Tampa Bay's Fox 13 learned a valuable lesson about posting stupid memes to Twitter.


How I Set Out To Recap A Chikara Show And Wrote An Invitation To Independent Wrestling Instead

By | 81 Comments

Danielle Matheson went to the Detroit return of Chikara intending to recap it, but wrote an invitation to indie wrestling instead.


RoboCop Threw Out The First Pitch For The Detroit Tigers Tonight

By | 12 Comments

Despite the cancellation of the highly-anticipated statue unveiling, RoboCop still threw out the first pitch for the Detroit Tigers tonight.


The Robocop Statue’s Unveiling Has Been Cancelled

By | 14 Comments

Looks like we'll have to wait a little longer to see the finished Robocop statue.

Tech N9ne

#IndependentGrind Tour: Tech N9ne, Freddie Gibbs & Jarren Benton Burn Down Detroit

By | 11 Comments

Find out why attendance is mandatory, when the Independent Grind tour is in town.


Follow-Up: The Mysterious Death Of The Mummified Woman Found After Six Years Continues To Get Stranger

By | 9 Comments

That woman found mummified in her garage after six years near Detroit continues to get stranger with new mysteries popping up.

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