Detroit Is Going To The Dogs. Packs Of Wild, Postal-Worker-Attacking Abandoned Dogs.

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Before we get any further: Detroit's slow trickle down the drain really is sad.


A Guy On Crutches Tried To Break Into Kid Rock’s House. No, Seriously


A Detroit man was arrested for trying to break into Kid Rock's house using a van and a pair of crutches. Because he was ON CRUTCHES.


Video: Justin Bieber Covered Eminem's 'Lose Yourself' At His Detroit Show

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At his show in Detroit last night, Justin Bieber performed a lacluster cover of Eminem's "Lose Yourself."


RoboCop’s Kickstarter to Save Detroit


The city of Detroit is in a lot of trouble.


Attention Citizens Of Detroit: Your Giant Robocop Statue Is Almost Done

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Remember that whole Detroit Robocop statue thing that happened a couple years ago? Well, the statue has actually been built...


Detroit’s Robocop Statue is Coming Together

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Before there was a Veronica Mars movie and Zach Braff, Kickstarter had <a href="" target="_blank">Detroit's Robocop statue</a>.


Detroit Woman Erupts on News Reporter


<a href="">Melinda Brown Duncan</a> has a few ideas about how the city of Detroit should be run.


Hugh Jackman Meets Wolverines, Chilean Dragon Ball, And Afternoon Links

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Today's afternoon links, featuring Hugh Jackman meeting wolverines at the Detroit Zoo, a LOTR weapon's amazing household uses, and Dragon Ball in Chili.

Ro Spit

C.O.I.N. Handlers Present New Music From Ro Spit, Dusty McFly & More


<a href=""></a>Photo By: <a href="!i=2437711086&k=jQRv8wr">AJ Photography</a> For years, many of Detroit's biggest radio rappers have gotten almost zero love outside the metro area.


It’s Still Cold In The D: Detroit Named 2013’s ‘Most Miserable City’ By Forbes Magazine

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Five years ago, YouTube sensation T-Baby told us just how cold it <a href="">was in the D</a>.

Woodward Avenue

Big Sean – “Guap” Video

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With all those tropical keys jangling around Big Sean's "Guap," listeners would expect Sean's visuals for the track to take place in Barbados or something.


Danny Brown & Noisey: A Match Made In Heaven

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<a href="">Noisey</a> got together again with Danny Brown, this time to discuss the YouTube comments from the <a href="">last time</a> the music site sat the Detroit MC down.


Writer Charlie LeDuff Golfs Across The City Of Detroit


Charlie Leduff is one of my favorite journalists, so I'd a feeling I'd enjoy this video in which he golfs across Detroit. I was right.


The Decentralized Dance Party’s Detroit Takeover

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Sunday morning, I could hardly get out of bed.

The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle – Dice’s “Whut Up Doe”

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The irony in this post is the fact I literally haven't heard this 313 classic since iPods or YouTube came into existence.


Nosebleed? Jam Some Bacon Up Your Nose.


If you were aspiring to publish the most important research paper ever, we have bad news.


Nickelback Pokes Fun At Detroit’s Dislike

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If anyone was going to redeem <a href="">Nickelback</a> after the mere thought of their Thanksgiving performance got <a href="">panned by the general public</a>, it's <a href="">Funny Or Die!</a> Yes, the website built from Ron Burgundy's ashes has enlisted the Alberta, Canada band and that squirelly fellow from The League to come up with ideas that will uphold the Motor City's high standards.


Nickelback Feels Your Hate And Is Desperately Trying To Win You Over, Internet

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Earlier <a href="">Maske</a> and I were gchatting about<a href=""> this Funny or Die video</a> in which Nickelback attempts to make light of the fact that <a href="">the internet and the entire city of Detroit loathes them</a>.

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