Maryann Ft. Devin The Dude – “Two Marys”

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A soulful R&B duet with Devin The Dude? Yes, please.


Devin The Dude + Doughbeezy – “Lifted” x Trakksounds + Rapid Ric’s ‘Intervention: Episode 2′ Mixtape


<em>"I get lifted like a kid standing at a water fountain and he's trying to get a sip"</em>


The 100-Word Review: Devin The Dude’s ‘One For The Road’


A capsule review of The Dude's latest piece of work.

One For The Road

Devin The Dude – “Probably Should Have” Video


Before his album arrives at stores tomorrow, Devin The Dude releases a visual for the track <a href="">"Probably Should Have."</a> We'll take this moment to issue a quick reminder that the giveaway for <a href="">The Dude's custom vaporizer</a> ends tomorrow, too, so get your name in the hat by clicking <a href="">here</a>.


Who Wants To Win This Custom Devin The Dude Vaporizer?

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So, you're listening to Devin The Dude's latest album (stream it <a href="">here</a>), probably indulging in some herbal relaxation.

One For The Road

Guilt-Free Listening: Devin The Dude’s ‘One For The Road’ Album Stream

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When it comes to smoky, laid-back tunes, few have done it longer and better than <a href="">Devin The Dude</a>.

The Primer Series

The Primer: 10 Devin The Dude Songs Everyone Should Know

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There are a lot of misconceptions about Devin The Dude.

One For The Road

Devin The Dude – “Probably Should Have”

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Devin’s lighthearted blend of humor and sincerity is a welcome diversion from much of what rules the airwaves and the blogs these days.


Isaac Reid Ft. Devin The Dude – “Changing Lately” (Prod. By Knock City)


While we're always happy to hear new tunes from Devin The Dude and Trakksounds, getting to know Isaac Reid on "Changing Lately" was a pleasant surprise.

Seriously Trippin'

Devin The Dude – “You’ll Be Satisfied”

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When you've got as loyal of a fan base as <a href="">Devin The Dude</a>, it's inevitable you're going to spend quite a bit of time on tour.

Songs That Didn't Make CPTP2

Killa Kyleon x DJ Charlee Brown – Songs That Didn’t Make CPTP2 Mixtape


<a href="">Killa Kyleon</a> makes authentic mixtapes.


TrakkSounds Feat. Pill, I-20 & Killa Kyleon – “King Hustler” x Intervention Mixtape


Making a song is so much easier when you relate to the subject matter and can dive all in.


11.4 The Cooler

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Desiree Copeland Courts: Janet Jackson, CBS Wrongly Fined for Nipplegate 2004 <a href="">[Washington Post]</a> Alicia Keys Donates Instruments To Alma Mater <a href="">[Rap Radar]</a> Nicki Minaj Responds To Assault Allegations <a href="">[The Urban Daily]</a> What Do Devin The Dude & Boo Rossini Share In Common.

Town Bidness 2

Richie Rich Feat. Devin The Dude – “Blow Mine”

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So what if <a href="">Richie Rich</a> is old enough to be your pops.


Lil’ O Feat. Devin The Dude, Big K.R.I.T. & Jack Freeman – “What Iz Ya Talkin’ Bout”


By a show of hands, who actually remembers Lil' O did a song <a href="">with Beyoncé</a>.


Devin The Dude & Coughee Brothaz – “The Game Don’t Love Nobody”

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"The government just wanna see you lose…" On the weekend preceding the most patriotic of American holidays, <a href="">Devin’s</a> part-time group the <a href="">Coughee Brothaz</a> remind us how difficult true independence can be.

The 30 Day Song Challenge

The 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 25 – A Song That Makes You Laugh

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<a href=""> Devin The Dude may never be seen as a lyrical wizard such as Andre 3000 or as poetical as Scarface, but his name rings bells in every circle of Hip-Hop. And when it comes time for him to hang up his Kangol cap, he most likely will be remembered for a few key things: his affinity for cannabis and keen, comedic sensibilities. Before every rapper was claiming to be extra-terrestrial, The Dude was spitting from the perspective of one on "Zeldar," the slow moving intro track for 2002's Just Tryin' Ta Live. The composition was merely a recording of a show & tell presentation told from the point of view of an alien who stumbled onto Earth & discovered a green leafy thing in a field. He called it kill. Devin The Dude - "Zeldar" Previously: <a href="">Day 24 – A Song That You Want Played At Your Funeral</a>.

Trademark Da Skydiver

Smoke DZA – T.H.C. (The Hustler’s Catalog)

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<a href=""> Can we go ahead and give <a href="">DZA</a> his own strand of O.

Terrace Martin

Snoop Dogg – “Keep Going”

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<a href=""> <a href="">Uncle Calvin</a> continues to live the life one of Hip-Hop's most iconic names should.

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