The Internet’s Reaction To ‘Dexter’s’ Awful Series Finale Has Been Downright Hysterical

By | 25 Comments

One more Internet reaction post to 'Dexter' before we close the book on the series.


‘Dexter’ Season 8 Easter Egg: Cool Callback Or Recycled Bullsh*t?

By | 13 Comments

Two interior monologues almost identical in language? Cool callback, or self plagiarism?


The 10 Most Brutal, Kill Room-Worthy Villains On ‘Dexter’

By | 19 Comments

A look back at "Dexter" and the show's most successful and brutal villains.


The Internet’s Reaction To This Week’s Terrible Episode Of ‘Dexter’ Is Predictably Hilarious

By | 15 Comments

The Internet has not been kind to 'Dexter,' the day after another miserable episode.


This ‘Dexter’ Season 8 Re-Write Is So Much Better Than The Actual ‘Dexter’ Season 8

By | 13 Comments

Some guy on the Internet made "Dexter" season eight better than an entire team of writers have.


‘Dexter’ Discussion: Oh God! The Agony. Make It Stop Please Make It Stop!

By | 113 Comments

I mentioned on Twitter last night that watching Dexter after Breaking Bad is like having a post-coital cigarette laced with ricin and shame.


If This 'Dexter' Series Finale Leak Is True, We Riot

By | 89 Comments

Is this how "Dexter" will end after 18 seasons and 983 episodes?


‘Dexter’ Discussion: The Brain Surgeon Revealed, And Also: Booo! Booo! Booo!

By | 124 Comments

A rundown of 'Make Your Own Kind Of Music,' the dreadful episode of 'Dexter.'


Joey Quinn From ‘Dexter’ Has Lost 30 Pounds FROM HIS FACE

By | 20 Comments

The striking physical transformation of 'Dexter's' Desmond Harrington.


‘Dexter’ Discussion: Now, We’re Finally Getting Somewhere

By | 88 Comments

The latest episode of 'Dexter' actually manages to move the plot and spring a surprise or two on the audience.


What We Learned From This Week’s Hannah-Centric Episode Of ‘Dexter’

By | 72 Comments

A rundown of 'Dress Code,' the latest episode of 'Dexter,' which sees the return of Hannah McKay.


‘Dexter’ Recap: What We Learned From This Week’s Exhausting Final Season Episode

By | 82 Comments

... and the drain continues to circle on the final season of Dexter.


Weekend Preview: The Most Improved Show Of The Year Ends Its Season, And Maybe Its Series

By | 19 Comments

The season, and possibly series' finale of 'The Killing' is the weekend's big highlight.


What We Learned From This Week's Stagnant, Anti-Climactic Episode Of 'Dexter'

By | 95 Comments

A rundown of 'This Little Piggy,' a stuffy, slow-moving final-season episode of 'Dexter.'


What We Learned From The Best Episode Of ‘Dexter’ This Final Season

By | 106 Comments

'Dexter' Recap: A breakdown of 'Scar Tissue,' the first really interesting episode of the final season.

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