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The 8 Most Disappointing Final Seasons Of Once-Good Shows

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"True Blood" is having a terrible final season, but is it the WORST final season of a show that used to be good?


EW Ranks The 50 Best TV Scenes Of The Last Year, Neglects To Include The Greatest Scene OF A GENERATION

By | 47 Comments

EW does a nice ranking job, except they forgot THE MOST IMPORTANT SCENE OF THE CENTURY.


Michael C. Hall Admits Final Season Of ‘Dexter’ Was Shaky, Sometimes Wishes Dexter Had Died

By | 18 Comments

Michael C. Hall, who used to defend the final season of 'Dexter' more vigorously, is beginning to waver.


8 Reasons Why We’re Glad To Have So Much Yvonne Strahovski In Our Lives

By | 27 Comments

Yvonne Strahovski was on "Louie" and "24" last night, and we couldn't be happier.


Your Guide To The 20 Best Fake Beer Brands From Movies And Television

By | 28 Comments

Get your buzz on with the 20 tastiest fake beers from movies and TV.


'Dexter' Fans Regularly Let Michael C. Hall Know How Much They Hated The Series Finale

By | 37 Comments

Even the star of "Dexter" has to hear about how much the final episode of "Dexter" sucked.


This Website Tracks The Rise And Fall Of Every TV Show In Graph Form

By | 48 Comments

Graph TV follows the rise of "Breaking Bad" and the mega-fall of "Dexter."


TMZ Remains The Worst, Is Now Asking Half-Drunk Celebrities About Real-Life Serial Killers

By | 7 Comments

In their ongoing effort to be the worst, TMZ cornered an apparently intoxicated RJ Mitte and peppered him with questions about the real-life "Dexter" killer.


Meet The Real-Life Dexter, A Teenage Satanic Cultist Who Only Kills ‘Bad’ People

By | 32 Comments

Miranda Barbour is Dexter Morgan, if he was a teenage girl in a Satanic cult.


Showtime Says The ‘Dexter’ Spin-Off Will Only Move Ahead With Michael C. Hall, Regrets Nothing

By | 27 Comments

Showtime is also very happy with the way they ended 'Dexter' because of REASONS.


The 10 Best Things That Happened On TV In 2013

By | 24 Comments

From "Sharknado" to Guy Fieri's stolen Lamborghini to the Red Wedding, we've got you covered.


The 10 Most Most Ridiculous, Implausible Television Plot Twists Of 2013

By | 113 Comments

The ten biggest plot holes, implausible scenarios, and dumbest plot twists of the year in television.


‘We Have To Go Back, Kate': 10 Of Television’s Most Memorable Narrative Right Turns

By | 79 Comments

When a series-long arc will breaks from its predicted path, sometimes the narrative right turns work, and sometimes they do not.


Why Did NBC Make Tom Brady Look Like Dexter In A Sunday Night Football Promo?

By | 9 Comments

Tom Brady bears a striking resemblance to Dexter in this NBC promo. Is it because he put out a hit on the paparazzi?


This Awkward Interview With ‘Dexter’s’ Michael C. Hall Will Make You Squirm

By | 14 Comments

Michael C. Hall has yet to really address the negative reception of 'Dexter,' but he will speak to his divorce from Jennifer Carpenter, if awkwardly pressed.


The Internet’s Reaction To ‘Dexter’s’ Awful Series Finale Has Been Downright Hysterical

By | 25 Comments

One more Internet reaction post to 'Dexter' before we close the book on the series.


Is ‘Dexter’ The New ‘Worst. Series. Finale. Ever.’?

By | 94 Comments

Congratulations, "Dexter," you're in the running for the worst series finale ever.


How A Former Showrunner Would’ve Ended ‘Dexter,’ Plus Who Will Get The ‘Dexter’ Spin-Off?

By | 43 Comments

Clyde Phillips, who ran 'Dexter' its first four seasons, reveals how he would've ended the series.

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