A Bro Among Bros: Dick Clark Left $1 Million In His Will For His Fraternity

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This isn’t exactly movie news, but Dick Clark owned a house modeled after The Flintstones’ home, so I’m as close to it as I need to be.


Nobody Wants Dick Clark’s Flintstones House

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It has been almost a year since Dick Clark's estate listed his odd Flintstone's house in Malibu for sale, and they've lowered the price to raise interest.


On Dick Clark, Pat Summit & Living Legacies

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I hate it when people get old, retire and die and I admit it's partially for selfish reasons.


Dick Clark Dead at 82

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Legendary television producer and host Dick Clark has died at 82 of a massive heart attack.


Yabba Dabba Do You Want Dick Clark's Flintstones House?

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You know how every year, leading up to New Year's Eve, we're treated to the same barrage of ads about Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve and an even greater bombardment of jokes about how he's been hosting these shows since the Stone Age.


Weekend Preview: Happy New Year!

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Dick Clark's Rockin New Year's Eve with Ryan Seacrest (ABC, Saturday) - I know this is where I'm supposed to make some lazy, hacky joke about how Dick Clark had a stroke years ago and is still doing the show, but I have no interest in doing that.


The Snooki Ball Drop Is Back On

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Relax everyone, the Snooki New Year's Eve Ball Drop is back on.


Flex Drops Bombs On Kimora Lee, Christina Milian, Kelis, Dick Clark…

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I'm too lazy to type up a whole diatribe about this one, seeing as how it's self-explanatory.

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