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Kelly Ripa Cracked A Dick Joke On TV This Morning And Our Crush On Her Just Grew Exponentially

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Kelly Ripa got sidetracked in this morning's episode of "Live with Kelly and Michael" and told some amazing dick jokes.


This Map Looks Like Something But We Can’t Quite Put Our Finger On It…

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Do you have something you'd like to share with us, Canal River & Trust of Berkhamsted?


Presenting The Best Of Kumail Nanjiani’s Dick And Butt Jokes On ‘@Midnight’

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Kumail Nanjiani is one of our favorite new comedians, so enjoy this supercut of his appearances on Comedy Central's '@midnight'.

silicon valley

The ‘Silicon Valley’ Season Finale Featured The Greatest Dick Joke In The History Of Television

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[T = (800 x mJT) / 4] will forever be remembered as the equation used to calculate how many dicks can be jerked in a given time frame.


A Man Was Banned From A Hilton Hotel For Life Over A Really Bad Penis Joke

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Thanks to a pretty dumb trouser snake joke on his online reservation, a man was banned from a Hilton in the UK by a 'fuddy-duddy' manager.


SIU Head Coach Barry Hinson Loses His Mind Talking Mama’s Boys, Puppies & SEAL Team 6 In Postgame Presser

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Barry Hinson does not enjoy SIU losing basketball games. Here he is talking house training, snipers, penis jokes and more in an amazing anti-SIU rant.


Watch This Local News Anchor Tell Everyone The Meteorologist Has ‘A Little Wiener’

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On Wake Up Alabama, one of the anchors claimed that the weatherman has a "little wiener" when talking about his dog, and everyone lost it.


What’s Up, Natalie Portman?

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As if it isn’t already hard enough being a college student, trying desperately to fit in among tens of thousands of peers while coping with the pressures of studying, self-esteem and just general survival away from our parents, it doesn’t help when Michael Fassbender shows up strutting his big ol’ dong around campus.


Channing Tatum Showed Rachel McAdams His Dong

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Ever since our good friend C-Tates caught the comedy bug in the Vince Vaughn-Kevin James *fart noise* film The Dilemma, he just can’t stop trying to make people laugh.

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