Dick Pics Go 3D, Thanks To Handheld Scanners

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3D scanners now allow you to see the exact dimensions of that unwanted floppy dong sent to your phone. Ain't technology grand?


Kevin Federline Wants You To Know That Is Not His Little K-Fed In Those Penis Pics

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Pictures of Kevin Federline's penis have allegedly surfaced, but Britney Spears' ex says they are definitely not his.

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‘Your D*ck Is Trash': This Is How You Respond To An Unsolicited Penis Pic

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"Your d*ck looks like a hot Cheeto with the powder licked off."


This Might Be A Video Of UFC Champ Jon Jones Showing Off His Private Parts

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UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon "Bones" Jones has had a lot of issues with social media.


Frotcast 221: We Rate D*ck Pics Men Have Sent Alison Stevenson

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Alison Stevenson joins the FilmDrunk frotcast as we rate her creepiest online dating messages and best dick pics.


Here’s Jason Segel And Nat Faxon Having A Conversation About How To Take Creative Dick Pics

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Here's the thing about trading sex pics with the opposite sex...


A Teen Went On A Brick Throwing Rampage After Getting Caught Taking Pictures Of His Junk

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One day you're just minding your own business, tattooing your brother and taking crotch shots, and then the next day you're rampaging.


Johnny Manziel Is Being Sued For Sexual Harassment For Allegedly Sending Hot Dog-Themed Dick Pics

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In the most amazing court claim of all time, Johnny Manziel is being sued for sexual harassment involving hot dogs, Disney parks and more.


A Captain America Impersonator In Florida Has Been Apprehended After Texting A 16 Year-Old Girl A Photo Of His Penis

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Florida police arrested a Captain America impersonator after he was caught sending a picture of his penis to a 16-year-old girl.


Try To Guess If The Guy Who Attached A Penis Pic With His Resume Got Hired


You will not get hired if you send a picture of your penis with your resume, for some reason.


Good News, Aspiring Sexual Deviants: Georgia Courts Rule That Unsolicited Dick Pics Are A-OK!

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Bad news for women who don't like rando dicks popping up in their text messages!

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