UPROXX Discussion: What Is The Most Underrated Snack Food?

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Earlier this week, it was announced that for the second time in the last 10 years, the snack cake kingdom of Hostess was filing for bankruptcy protection.


Ben Affleck plays serious Harry Ellis

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I first told you about Ben Affleck's Argo a few months ago, his third directawrial effit fawllowing the awbvious and totally wahrranted success of The Town, GO SAWX.


This Die Hard mash-up is your late Christmas present

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I got sent a lot of mash-ups and holiday-themed videos this week, but this one was the only one that inspired me to post it.


The Good Times Movie Poster Illustrations Of Olaf Cuadras Ferré


Black Friday is for leftovers, SEC football, and movie marathons.

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Die Hard 5 officially titled ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’

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Tom Rothman, CEO of Fox's film division, was a guest on Jim Rome's radio show this morning, where he revealed that the title of the upcoming fifth Die Hard movie will be "A Good Day to Die Hard.


Movie Quotes With A Gun

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Unless you're someone who gets into "film" vs. "movies" debates there's really no denying that the most @ss-kickingest memorable movie quotes always come accompanied with a gun.

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Die Hard 5 loses director, BUT DON'T WORRY, THEY'RE STILL MAKING IT. YAY.

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Noam Murro had been attached to direct Die Hard 5 since June, taking over for Live Free or Die Hard's Len Wiseman, who's now directing a Total Recall remake starring Colin Farrell.

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‘Die Hard’ Anniversary Gives Me A Chance To Post This Sweet Bruce Willis/Christina Hendricks Gif

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Ever since Tumblr user Flying Scotsman posted this amazing gif yesterday, I've been actively looking for a Christina Hendricks or a Bruce Willis angle to write a post to use it in -- when in actuality its so damn incredible that it could have warranted a post of its own, but I digress.


Paramount Options “Die Hard On An Alien Ship”

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Paramount has bought the script to a sci-fi action flick from John Heffernan, the guy who penned the Oscar-winning Snakes on a Plane.


The director of Die Hard is going to jail

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With movies like Die Hard, Predator, and The Hunt for Red October on his resume, John McTiernan was once one of the hottest directors in town, a Brett Ratner before there was Brett Ratner.


Links With Die Hurr Durr


11 People You’ll Bump Into At A Jonas Brothers Concert [Uproxx] These people really hate The Last Airbender [Filmdrunk] Hulu Plus.

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My dog Skip writing Die Hard 5

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I'm the rare person who didn't hate the last Die Hard movie.



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Danny McBride will star in Hench, based on (what else) a graphic novel about "a football player who suffers a career-ending injury and needs a job.



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Stella Artois recently financed several short films as part of their smooth originals/triple filtered films campaign - but don't worry, the product placement is so subtle you almost don't notice it.



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Director Renny Harlin, a man responsible for some of the most awesomely shitty movies in history (including Driven, as seen above, Deep Blue Sea, Cutthroat Island, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Cliffhanger, The Adventures of Ford Fairlane - yup, the Andrew Dice Clay movie, and Die Hard 2, by far the worst Die Hard), is right where he should be - directing a movie with the WWE's John Cena.

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