This Science Teacher Claims To Have Lost Over 60 Pounds By Eating Nothing But McDonald’s

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A science teacher ate nothing but McDonald's for 90+ days straight to prove ... Well, I'm still not exactly clear what he was trying to prove.


Tyson Chandler Goes Gluten-Free As The New York Knicks Food Wars Continue

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Injured Knicks center Tyson Chandler announced that he was going gluten-free, which I guess constitutes a news story in 2013. He's just like Jay Z!J

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The Horrible, Life-Threatening ‘Cotton Ball Diet’ Is Surging In Popularity Again

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Recent TV news reports have indicated that the dangerous 'cotton ball diet' is rising in popularity among teenage girls again.


Demetri Martin on dieting


Esquire has <a href="">an excerpt from Demetri Martin's new book</a>, "This Is a Book" on his ever-evolving diet.


This Diet Sounds Delicious, Familiar

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Nutritionist Mark Haub of Kansas State University theorized that the number of calories consumed in a person's diet is more important than the nutritional content of the food.

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