The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle – Digital Underground’s “Kiss You Back”

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When I was younger, and still willing to waste time defending Hip-Hop to idiots that questioned its legitimacy as an art form, my would-be counterparts always described the music as one note and monolithic.

Trackstar The DJ

Digital Underground – DU2010

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<a href=""> Digital Underground. The name means so many different things to different people. "The Humpty Dance" resonates with just about any ol' rap fan but whisper Sex Packets in a crowded room and it'll separate the Top 40 downloaders from the ones who were caught up in the hyper-sexed funk Shock G. & Co. From out the zany inventiveness from which they once came, the Oakland wolf pack is back in the mix like they never left with a mixtape that features something old and something new, DU2010. Derived from the genius of <a href="">Trackstar The DJ</a> and <a href="">Tech Supreme</a> (on the graphics), run down memory lane and sprint towards the new shine from The Greenlight EP (<a href="">available now</a>).

The Greenlight EP

Digital Underground – “Sittin On The Hits”

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<a href=""> I’ll be honest, I might be the only crew member that still has <a href="">Sex Packets</a> tunes shuffle across my iPod.


4.12 The Cooler

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<a href=""> Jazlyn Malcolm McLaren: Hip-Hop Pioneer <a href="">[The Cutout Bin]</a> Jim Carrey: Elin Nordegren Was 'Willing Participant' In Tiger Woods' Affairs <a href="">[NY Daily News]</a> Testing the Mickey Rourke Hypothesis <a href="">[Uproxx]</a> R.


A Little Two Steppin’…

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Remember when it was okay for rappers to dance & entertain in their videos instead of posturing beside a car or stand while a female rubbed their hind parts against them.

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