The Dildo In Your Friend’s Bag At Airport Security Prank Never Gets Old

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This guy's friend planted a dildo in his bag before they took off for his bachelor party, hilarity ensues.


This Husband Incredibly Managed To Start A Chemical Fire While Cleaning His Wife’s Dildos

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Today's Reddit TIFU involves a dildo fire with near deadly chemical inhalation. Pull up a seat!

#Anna Kendrick

Watch Anna Kendrick And David Letterman Have A Delightfully Frank Discussion About Furry Dildos

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Anna Kendrick stopped by 'Letterman' to do some promotion for 'Into The Woods,' but the main topic of discussion was furry dildos.


Kansas Is Auctioning Off Dildos And Vibrators To Help Boost Its Faltering Economy

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The state is hoping to recoup lost funds with a collection of sex toys. Hot!


Today Is Brought To You By This Giant Ice Dildo At Someone’s Wedding

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We're guessing the happy couple was not thrilled with this ice sculpture they ordered for their wedding.


A British Man Is Dead After Getting A Vibrator Stuck In His Butt For Five Days

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A friendly reminder: Don't put things into holes in your body and then leave them there.


100% True Story: A Scottish Woman Had A Sex Toy Stuck In Her Vagina For Ten Years

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This story is basically the antidote to the '50 Shades of Grey' trailer going around.


This New Gun Safety PSA Features Children Playing With Their Moms’ Dildos

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The gun safety advocacy group Evolve is certainly going to get people talking with this PSA that has two kids fighting with sex toys.

#Miley Cyrus

Try To Guess What Miley Cyrus’ Dildo Is In The Shape Of

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Next time you see Miley Cyrus, lend her a (dildo) HAND.


What If You Had The Power To Turn Anything Into A Dildo?

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If you ever think to yourself, "I wish literally everything in my life could be turned into a dildo," then designer Francesco Morackini is here to help.

#Robin Williams

Robin Williams Once Tried To Buy A Dildo At A Sex Shop As Mrs. Doubtfire

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Robin Williams has been promoting his new TV series, The Crazy Ones, and that included stops at both Reddit and The Late Show with David Letterman yesterday.


Comments of the Week: Dildo Fire Edition

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After a brief hiatus, Comments of the Week are back.


Enjoy a Phallic Breakfast with This Gross Egg Dildo Thing

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Infomercials are comically stupid and this is common knowledge, but the Rollie Eggmaster Colon goes a little too far for me.

zac efron

The Zac Efron Dildo Meltdown of 2013

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Here it is, your headline of the day: God bless the New York Post, doing the Lord's work as always.


SUPERCUT: "You Son of a Bitch!"

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[A supercut of movie characters saying "You son of a bitch.

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