Video: I Love Basketball TV Shows How To Do The Best Crossovers In The Game

The best guards in the NBA and in NBA history have all featured some iteration of the crossover.

Sly Stallone

Video: I Love Basketball TV Hypes You Up To Workout

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and the holiday season is upon us.


Video: I Love Basketball TV Shows You How To Shoot With Range Like Steph Curry

Have you ever wondered how Stephen Curry -- all 6-3, 180 pounds of him -- is able to generate enough force on his jump shot for almost limitless range.

#Chris Paul

Learn Chris Paul’s Head Fake Dribble Move With I Love Basketball TV

Since the NBA started cracking down on palming the ball a couple years ago, and they're paying more attention than ever to players in the triple-threat position, shuffling their feet before a dribble drive, it's important to pay attention to the basics when Coach Rocky of I Love Basketball TV teaches you Chris Paul's patented head fake while keeping your dribble.

Roach Rocky

I Love Basketball TV Helps Guards Hit Layups Like Pros

Coach Rocky is back, this time with some finishing moves around the rim.

Jamaal Miller

Video: I Love Basketball TV Breaks Down Jamaal Miller’s Sick Spinning Fake


When Jamaal Miller broke out a little-seen fake spin move at the Seattle Pro-Am back in August, people couldn't believe he pulled it off; we'd only ever seen it in an Allen Iverson commercial.

i love basketball tv

Video: I Love Basketball TV Teaches You The Spin Move Step-Back Jumper

Once you've dribbled off the pass, you're no longer in triple-threat position.


Learn Kyrie Irving’s Signature Crossover With I Love Basketball TV

We can't guarantee that this instructional video will have you handling like Kyrie Irving, but it will certainly get you on the track to doing so.

I Love Basketball

Coach Rocky Of I Love Basketball TV Teaches You To Beat Multiple Defenders

After you've knocked down jumper after jumper, defenders will play you air-tight.


Video: Stephen Curry Tries To Teach Us To Shoot


When Stephen Curry gets open beyond the three-point arc, time seems to stand still for a second and you can almost feel the collective intake of breath among Golden State's fans at Oracle Arena.

#Chris Paul

Video: Go Inside The Training Of Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant & Chris Paul

With the season on the line tonight for more than a few players, check out these videos to see how Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and Chris Paul train for the big ones.


Video: Kyrie Irving Teaches You His Patented Ball Spins

Despite a rough start to the NBA season, Kyrie Irving proved he belonged with the game's elite on Sunday, winning the All-Star Game MVP.


Go Inside Steve Nash’s Relentless Comeback From Injury With “The Finish Line”

Steve Nash is one of the most insightful athletes in the NBA.


New NBA Inside Stuff Shows Joakim Noah’s Underwater Workout


It was a staple of our Saturday mornings all through school before college effectively turned Saturday into a recovery period.

Ryan Goodson Basketball

Point 3’s “Back2Hoops” Program: Master The Crossover Step

Welcome to October – the last month to get yourself ready for the season.

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