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7 Dinosaurs Discovered Since The Last Jurassic Park Movie That Need To Be In Jurassic Park 4

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So, there's going to be a new Jurassic Park movie in 2014. Hooray! Well, paleontology didn't go on hiatus just because the Jurassic Park series did. Here are seven newly discovered dinos Spielberg and company really ought to be considering for JP4...

BBC America

‘Doctor Who,’ Dinosaurs, And Daleks, Oh My

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Earlier today, BBC released a new trailer for the seventh (and final, for two members of the cast) season of "Doctor Who."


Eccentric Billionaire Wants To Clone A Dinosaur For A ‘Jurassic Park’-Style Resort

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Clive Palmer isn't just creating a replica of the Titanic. He's also rumored to be planning to clone a dinosaur for his Palmer Resort.


Tyrannosauraus Sex: Scientists Figure Out How Dinosaurs Did It

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How dinosaur sex worked has been speculated upon in science circles. Circles found in dark, smoke-filled rooms where dignity goes to die.


Louisiana Schools Getting Public Funding Claim The Loch Ness Monster Is Real And Proves Creationism

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Did you know that the totally proven* existence of the Loch Ness Monster Dinosaur means creationism is true and evolution is fake forever.


RIAA Hilariously Claims Limewire Owes It…Wait For It…$72 TRILLION

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If our boy Dan hasn't already <a href="">fully demonstrated</a> what a ridiculous relic of an organization the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is, allow<a href=",75555/"> this unbelievably not from the actual Onion story</a> to perhaps persuade you.


Let Us Recreate Warner's Upcoming Dinosaur Movie With Pictures

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<a href="">Deadline</a> reports Warner Brothers has bought a pitch for a sci-fi action movie about "a rapidly evolving species of dinosaurs who attack modern Los Angeles.


You Will Now Need A Cable Subscription To Watch Stuff On Hulu

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Hey remember when Hulu was supposed to be the thing -- or <a href="">one of the things</a> -- that would help liberate us all from cable companies and the ridiculous rates they charge for their services.


Designer of Jar-Jar Binks Redeems Herself With The Dino Avengers


Superheroes are awesome, dinosaurs are awesome and yet there's a disappointing lack of superhero dinosaurs out there.


Big Guns, Jetpacks and Dino Hordes — Orion: Dino Beatdown Has It All Covered. Here's a Trailer

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So, it looked like April was going to be a slow month for games -- that is until I saw this trailer for Orion: Dino Beatdown.


Who Ya Got: Satanic, Teleporting Frank McCourt Or Magic Johnson In A Top Hat?


<a href="" target="_blank">NMA</a> should turn this into an ongoing series.

News of the wacky

The NYC Dept of Education Believes Kids Find Dinosaurs, Halloween, Dancing and Video Games Terribly Unpleasant

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The New York City Department of Education wants to eliminate the word "dinosaur" from standardized tests.


Best Buy Shutting Down A Slew Of Stores, Laying Off Hundreds Of Corporate-Level Employees

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Last November, in <a href="">a post predicting doom for Best Buy and four other tech brands in 2012</a>, UPROXX contributor Dan Seitz said the following.


'Terra Nova' Is Probably Extinct

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After <a href="">some speculation</a> that it might be saved by striking a deal with Netflix, it now looks like FOX's pre-historic drama "Terra Nova" is dead and gone.


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