Director Colin Trevorrow Hopes To Make 'Jurassic Park 4' Not Suck

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Colin Trevorrow is Universal's pick to direct 'Jurassic Park 4', which reminds us of an interview he gave about a mystery project he promises won't suck.


Jurassic Prank: Animatronic T-Rex Dinosaur On The Loose In Ohio


An animatronic T-Rex dinosaur costume was used to prank residents of Columbus, Ohio. It was super effective.


Discovery Of DNA Half-Life Destroys Our Dream Of Cloned Dinosaurs In A Jurassic Park

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Our hopes of a real-life Jurassic Park have been dashed after palaeogeneticists discover the half-life of DNA, but there's a silver lining.

toy story

Partysaurus Rex


Rex, the green dinosaur from Toy Story, gets a chance to shed his party-pooper past in Disney•Pixar's new animated short.


Incredible Baby T-Rex Costume


There are dinosaur costumes, and then there's this hand-sculpted, life-size baby tyrannosaurus rex costume, complete with rubberized texture and cable animatronic mechanisms.


Kill It With Fire: New, Terrifying Species Of Miniature Dinosaur Identified

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A new species of dinosaur was discovered by Paul C. Sereno of the University of Chicago. Here's why it's a terrifying little nightmare creature.


Happy Tuesday: Here’s An Animatronic T-Rex Costume Taken For A Test Ride


3DWizart Studios was apparently tired of waiting for Walking With Dinosaurs to play in their town, so they made their own animatronic T-Rex costume.


The Dinosaurs Are Loose In Australia

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The 'Walking With Dinosaurs' stage show sent one of the Utahraptor animatronic puppets to greet people on the streets of Melbourne.


Amazing Life Hacks (And Links)


Today's links, featuring a parody of those 'Quick and Simple Life Hacks' videos and a dinosaur who has had enough of this week.


7 Dinosaurs Discovered Since The Last Jurassic Park Movie That Need To Be In Jurassic Park 4

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So, there's going to be a new Jurassic Park movie in 2014. Hooray! Well, paleontology didn't go on hiatus just because the Jurassic Park series did. Here are seven newly discovered dinos Spielberg and company really ought to be considering for JP4...


‘Doctor Who,’ Dinosaurs, And Daleks, Oh My

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Earlier today, BBC released a new trailer for the seventh (and final, for two members of the cast) season of "Doctor Who."


Eccentric Billionaire Wants To Clone A Dinosaur For A ‘Jurassic Park’-Style Resort

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Clive Palmer isn't just creating a replica of the Titanic. He's also rumored to be planning to clone a dinosaur for his Palmer Resort.


Tyrannosauraus Sex: Scientists Figure Out How Dinosaurs Did It

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How dinosaur sex worked has been speculated upon in science circles. Circles found in dark, smoke-filled rooms where dignity goes to die.


Louisiana Schools Getting Public Funding Claim The Loch Ness Monster Is Real And Proves Creationism

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Did you know that the totally proven* existence of the Loch Ness Monster Dinosaur means creationism is true and evolution is fake forever.


RIAA Hilariously Claims Limewire Owes It…Wait For It…$72 TRILLION

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If our boy Dan hasn't already <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/tag/riaa/">fully demonstrated</a> what a ridiculous relic of an organization the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is, allow<a href="http://www.avclub.com/articles/riaa-claims-limewire-owes-it-72-trillionthats-tril,75555/"> this unbelievably not from the actual Onion story</a> to perhaps persuade you.

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