Video: Dion Waiters’ Game-Sealing Overtime Slam

We already showed you Kyrie Irving's layup to tie the game against the Grizzlies on Sunday night.


Video: Kenneth Faried Destroys Dion Waiters With The Two-Handed Block

During Cleveland's visit to Denver, there wasn't a lot of defense during a 117-109 Cavs win.


The NBA’s 10 Most Underachieving Teams


There's a clear difference in a team that's attempting to tank and a team that is flat out bad.


Which Team Has Been A Bigger Bust This Year: Cleveland Or Memphis?

With everyone so focused on the double travesties going down in the Big Apple -- New York is ready to can Mike Woodson and Brooklyn has resorted to all types of shady practices involving soda to try to win games -- two other underachievers have gotten away relatively unscathed.


The 5 Best Sophomores In The NBA

Prior to the NBA Draft, the 2012 class received mixed reviews from all the critics.


10 Reasons You Need To Be Playing NBA 2K14


There's nothing quite like that first irrational confidence jumper from Jamal Crawford.


The 15 Best Backcourts In The NBA


The engine and brains of an NBA starting lineup rest with the point guard — the orchestrator — and the complementary role often belongs to the shooting guard.


The Top 20 Shooting Guards In The NBA Right Now


When I watched the video of Kevin Durant proclaiming James Harden should replace Dwyane Wade in Sports Illustrated's top 10 NBA players list, a few things processed through my head, in this order: 1.


Why Cavs Coach Mike Brown Calls Kyrie Irving “The Pied Piper” Of Cleveland Basketball

With so many young players gracing the Cavaliers roster this upcoming season, it makes sense that some would be considered kids to new head coach Mike Brown.


Why The Cleveland Cavaliers May Be Headed Back To The Lottery

Cavs General manager Chris Grant is not in danger of losing his job, writes the Cleveland Plain Dealer's Mary Schmitt Boyer in this weekend's mailbag.

Rysheed Jordan

Dime Q&A: 8Eye On The Art Of Creating Basketball Mixtapes

Mixtapes, highlight reels and climaxed dunks in the middle of grassroots tournaments have become the newest fascination in a multimedia driven basketball world.


Philly Basketball: Where Only The Strong Survive


From Germantown to Cobb's Creek, Philadelphia's notorious neighborhoods have always boasted some of America's most cutthroat and ruthless styles of basketball.


The Top 40 Shooting Guards In Fantasy Basketball

While all of America is gearing up for fantasy football, we here at Dime feel that it's never too early for fantasy basketball draft preparation.


Damian Lillard Predictably Leads The NBA’s All-Rookie Teams

Predictably, Damian Lillard headlines this year's NBA All-Rookie First Team, where he is joined by Bradley Beal, Dion Waiters, Anthony Davis and Harrison Barnes.


10 Tiers Of The Best NBA Players 25 Years Old Or Younger


As much as I enjoy watching LeBron James at the peak of his NBA powers, as much as I enjoy watching the veteran Celtics come together since Rajon Rondo went down, as fun as it is to watch Carmelo Anthony drop 35-plus night after night en-route to his first scoring title, and Chris Paul continuing to be the best point guard of this generation, what makes the NBA so great night in and night out is everyone else.


Dion Waiters Gets His Car Filled With Popcorn: A Look at the NBA’s Most Popular Prank

For some reason, one of the NBA's go-to rookie hazing pranks is filling a player's car with popcorn.

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