The Diplomats

Dipset Reunites For ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ 10th Anniversary Concert

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Last night in NYC, the Diplomats gathered with fans at BB King's to celebrate <a href="">the 10-year anniversary</a> of Diplomatic Immunity.


“Snow So White, Only Thing Missin’ Is Seven Dwarfs…”

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On this day 10 calendars ago, Cam'ron brought America a modern day classic - Diplomatic Immunity 1.


“When It Was All So Simple…”

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Part of me wishes <a href="">Cam</a>, <a href="">Jimmy</a> and <a href="">Juelz</a> would let bygones be bygones and resume rocking random throwback jerseys while regaining their egotistical dominance a la 2002-2006.


The Talented Mr. Giles

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50 Cent <a href="">once teased</a> Cam'ron for his nonsensical rhyme schemes.

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