Counterpoint: Meathead Rob Lowe Is Doing Pretty All Right For Himself!

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Say what you will about Meathead Rob Lowe, but the dude has a jet ski and two flat screens in his garage.

rob lowe

In Which Rob Lowe Meets His Latest DirecTV Doppleganger, Serial Killer Rob Lowe

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What if Rob Lowe's next DirecTV commercial features Serial Killer Rob Lowe? Well, probably something like this...

#The Walking Dead

AMC And DirecTV Are Fighting, And It Could Cost You The Second Half Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5

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AMC and DirecTV are fighting, and you might miss the second half of this season of "The Walking Dead" because of it.


What’s Going On With Creepy, Less Attractive Rob Lowe In Those Hilarious DirecTV Commercials?

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Rob Lowe looks like a cross between the Geico caveman and Mrs. Peacock on 'The X-Files'


Here’s The Trailer For The Scorsese-Produced Asian Gangster Movie ‘Revenge Of The Green Dragons’

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Martin Scorsese produced an English-language film by Andrew Lau, whose 'Infernal Affairs' Scorsese remade in 'The Departed.


Everything You Need To Know About The AT&T/DirecTV Merger

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AT&T and DirecTV are merging together as one. Here's what you need to know.


50 Questions About The Marionette Family In Those Weird DirecTV Commercials

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These commercials are so strange, and they raise a number of very troubling, disturbing questions, some of which involve splinters in very sensitive places.

uh oh

AT&T May Be Getting Ready To Eat DirecTV

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AT&T wants to eat DirecTV... and that may be a portent of things to come.


Nick Jonas Will Star In DirecTV’s New Family Drama About An MMA Fighter

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DirecTV's new MMA family drama 'Navy St.' will star Nick Jonas as a shy, young UFC fighter.


Why You Should Care About The Weather Channel And DirecTV Spat

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The Weather Channel blackout on DirecTV is a lot more than just another blackout dispute. Here's why.


Okay, Now The Feud Between DirecTV And The Weather Channel Is Just Getting Hilarious

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It's always fun when evil corporations and self-important TV people fight in the public eye. This is no exception.


Someone Started A White House Petition To Require Licenses For Operating TV Remotes


As dumb and meaningless as many of them are, I do not ever get tired of a good White House petition, especially when it would be a complete waste of our already inept government’s time and would, therefore, make Ron Swanson nod in approval.


NFL Sunday Ticket: Outtakes


The fairy versions of Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, and Deion Sanders cracking wise on the set of DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket 2012 commercials.


DirecTV & Viacom Settle Their Pissing Match, Channels Restored

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After 10 days, DirecTV and Viacom have finally settled their dispute and Viacom's channels have been restored to DirecTV's 20 million subscribers.


In the Viacom/DirecTV Dispute, It’s All Viacom’s Fault, Says DirecTV

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Here's a quick update to all of you who are currently missing Comedy Central, MTV, and Nickelodeon (DirecTV customers) and Breaking Bad (Dish Customers).


Jon Stewart Rips Viacom For Pulling ‘The Daily Show’ From the Internet (And The Morning Links)

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Jon Stewart attacked his own parent company for not making "The Daily Show" available to Internet, and the best of what's around the web.


Sh– Just Got Real: Viacom Cuts Off Online Access To 'The Daily Show,' Other Shows

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If you're like me, and you're a DirecTV subscriber, you probably weren't too shaken up by Viacom's decision to pull its programming from the cable provider yesterday over their carriage fees dispute.

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