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Discovery Has Turned ‘Shark Week’ Into ‘Summer Of The Shark’

By | 5 Comments

Oh good, an entire summer of sharks. What could go wrong?


The New Discovery Channel Boss Says The Days Of Fake Shark Shows And Snake Stunts Are Over

By | 15 Comments

The new boss at the Discovery Channel says not to expect any more misleading shark documentaries or "Eaten Alive"-style stunt shows.


Discovery Explains Why ‘Eaten Alive’ Was A Bunch Of Bullcrap

By | 21 Comments

Discovery has come forward with a statement after millions of television viewers were duped with their 'Eaten Alive' special.


Here Are Some Other Stupid And Dangerous Ideas Discovery Can Turn Into Specials

By | 13 Comments

After last night's "Eaten Alive" debacle, here are some more ideas Discovery can use for "event" specials.


All Of The Best Twitter Reactions To Last Night’s Disappointing ‘Eaten Alive’

By | 10 Comments

Did you get tricked into watching Discovery's 'Eaten Alive' last night? Trust us, you're not alone!


This Is What It Looks Like To Be ‘Eaten Alive’ By A Giant Anaconda

By | 35 Comments

At least now we know what being eaten by a giant snake looks like.

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Here’s Your First Glimpse Of Seth Rogen And James Franco’s Episode Of ‘Naked & Afraid’

By | 3 Comments

Yes, Seth Rogen and James Franco are actually going to be on Discovery's "Naked & Afraid." Here's a short teaser for proof.


People Are Super Pissed About Discovery’s Upcoming ‘Eaten Alive’ Special

By | 14 Comments

A petition calling for Discovery to cancel its "Eaten Alive" special has reached 25,000 signatures.

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Shark Week Is Still A Load Of Hooey

By | 19 Comments

Shark Week continues to make fake documentaries based on interviews with by scientists they lied to. Okay!


Rob Lowe’s ‘Shark Week’ Promo Is Literally The Strangest Thing You’ll Watch Today

By | 8 Comments

Rob Lowe shows that he's a master of the most vicious fish in the world, as he rides two great whites in a new Shark Week promo.

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Discovery’s New ‘King Of Summer’ Shark Week Commercial Is Profoundly Ridiculous

By | 4 Comments

Discovery Channel's latest Shark Week commercial introduces the world to the King of Summer, who rides sharks like water skis.


SyFy Will See Discovery’s ‘Shark Week’ And Raise It A ‘Sharknado Week’

By | 5 Comments

'Sharknado Week' has been announced to usher in the sequel to last year's surprise hit, as well as Roger Corman's latest effort.


Discovery Doesn’t Think Your Dog Is Watching Enough Television


Discovery Communications has just purchased an unspecified stake in DogTV, which has been operating until now as a digital television channel for dogs.


Discovery Channel Ordered A Reality Show Called … Wait For It … ‘Fat N’ Furious’

By | 10 Comments

A network best known for airing science things is about to start running a show about fat people racing cars. Things in the television world are going great.

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‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor Richard Madden Had A Bathroom Disaster On The Set Of ‘Klondike’

By | 4 Comments

Richard Madden tried to pee in the snow on the set of "Klondike." It did not go well.

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‘Mythbusters’ Is Coming Back With A ‘Star Wars’ Themed Episode

By | 15 Comments

On January 4, 'Mythbusters' returns with a very special 'Star Wars' themed episode that will tackle your biggest, nerdiest questions.

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