‘Sons of Anarchy’ Opens Its Final Season In Blunt, Bloody, And Brutal Fashion

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A rundown of the pivoting, bloody final season premiere of 'Sons of Anarchy.'

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‘Mad Men’ Recap, ‘Waterloo': The Best Things In Life Are Free

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Breaking down 'Waterloo,' the wonderful, heartfelt, humanizing mid-season finale of 'Mad Men.'


‘Let’s Throw Cum! Let’s Throw Cum!’ The 10 Best Lines From This Week’s ‘Veep’

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Vice President Meyer finally picks a campaign manager in 'Fishing,' this week's episode of 'Veep.'


‘Do They Put Your Turds In The Cloud?’ The 10 Best Lines From ‘Veep’

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Vice President visits Silicon Valley in 'Clovis,' the latest episode of HBO's 'Veep.'


‘Nothing Less Funny than A Comedian': The 9 Best Lines From This Week’s ‘Veep’

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The best lines plus one possible 'Seinfeld' reference from 'Alicia,' last night's terrific episode of HBO's 'Veep.'

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In Another Resonant Episode, 'The Walking Dead' Continues To Stay On Track

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'The Walking Dead' continues to do a fine job of character building as it leads us toward what's sure to be a heartbreaking conclusion for someone.

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'The Walking Dead' Recap, 'Still': Daryl Is A Dick When He's Drunk

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A recap of 'Still,' this week's character-building episode of 'The Walking Dead.'

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‘The Walking Dead’ Recap, ‘Claimed': Killing Zombies With A Smile!

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A recap of 'Claimed,' the intense, heart-pounding 11th episode of the fourth season of 'The Walking Dead.'

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‘The Walking Dead’ Discussion: By God, Now We’re Getting Somewhere

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What we learned from 'Inmates,' this week's episode of 'The Walking Dead.'


So Are You Guys Binge-Watching Season 2 Of ‘House Of Cards’ This Weekend Or What?

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Let's talk this out, if only to help us figure out how to handle this best for you.

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‘The Walking Dead’ Mid-Season Premiere Discussion And Why The Series Needs To Set An End Date

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If 'The Walking Dead' doesn't set an end date soon, it runs the risk of slowly losing its audience.


‘Justified’ Discussion: ‘And Suppose… He Just Went Fishing’

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Last night's "Justified" featured creepy prison guards, big mean dogs, and a Scrabble game for the ages. Among other things.


‘Homeland’ Third-Season Finale Discussion: A Near Perfect End To A Messy Third Season

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'The Star,' the third season finale of 'Homeland,' delivers its saddest and best episode of the season.


In This Week’s ‘Homeland,’ Nicholas Brody Resurrects Some Of That Old Season-One Magic

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Nicholas Brody, and Damian Lewis' magnificent performance, reminded us of what we used to love so much about 'Homeland': The uncertainty.


‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Discussion: It’s Time To Show Some Emmy Respect To Kurt Sutter

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A discussion of 'You Are My Sunshine,' last night's intense, satisfying episode of 'Sons of Anarchy.'

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Spaghetti Tuesday Is Off: ‘What We Learned From The Walking Dead’ Mid-Season Finale

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A rundown of 'Too Far Gone,' the devastating mid-season finale of 'The Walking Dead.'

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Heroes Are For The Weak: What We Learned From This Week’s ‘The Walking Dead’

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A breakdown of 'Dead Weight,' 'The Walking Dead's' spiritual prequel to The Governor's original rise to the leader of Woodbury.


You’re The Ruxin Forever And Ever: The Best Lines From The 5th Season Finale Of ‘The League’

By | 52 Comments

All the best lines from the double-episode 5th season finale of 'The League,' plus the winners of the Saco and Shiva Bowls.


On ‘Sons Of Anarchy,’ Kurt Sutter Pulls Another Rabbit Out Of His Hat, Then Shoots It In The Head

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Breaking down 'Aon Rud Persanta,' this week's shocking, heartbreaking episode of 'Sons of Anarchy.'

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