Dish Network And CBS Worked Out Their Legal Issues With A New Multi-Year Rights Deal

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CBS and Dish Network agreed to end their dispute only 12 hours after all stations went dark on the service. How does it affect customers?


Dish Just Did The Impossible And Paved The Way For Internet TV

By | 8 Comments

Dish Network just pulled off something not even Apple could do.


Why Dish Network Is Looking To Buy Sprint And/Or T-Mobile


Dish Network wants to buy a cellular company, and it's not picky which. But why is it so desperate to get into mobile phones?


Google And Dish Network Want To Be Your New Cellular Carrier

By | 5 Comments

Yes, Google is fulfilling its cellular destiny. Finally.


Federal Judge Rules Dish Users Can Skip Ads…For Now


Dish wins a minor victory in the ongoing war of whether we skip ads or get up to get a snack during them.

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AMC Will Stream The Season Premiere Of 'Breaking Bad' On Its Website For Dish Subscribers

By | 8 Comments

AMC plans to stream the season premiere of 'Breaking Bad' on its website to get around the Dish Network blackout.


Dish Network Drops AMC, Now No One Is the One Who Knocks

By | 15 Comments

The fifth and final season of "Breaking Bad" debuts in less than two weeks.


Dish Network's New Commercial Erasing DVR Is Making Advertisers Crap Their Pants

By | 7 Comments

It probably shouldn't come as any surprise to you that advertisers hate your DVR/TiVO because they are convinced it leads to people fast forwarding through commercials, which it does a lot of the time, but then again people have been getting up during commercials to go the bathroom or to make a sandwich in the kitchen for as long as television has existed.


What’s Happening In Movie Rentals?


Blockbuster is a bit like Paris Hilton: somehow considered attractive despite all the blatantly obvious flaws and problems.

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