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‘Thief’ Finally Emerges From The Shadows, And It Looks Surprisingly Good

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Get ready to have your attention stolen by over 20-minutes of 'Thief' footage...

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GammaSquad’s 50 Greatest Console Games Of The Past Generation (#5 – 1)

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Our rather eclectic list of the best Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii games reaches it's conclusion...

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Here’s A Look At The Final Chunk Of ‘Dishonored’ DLC, ‘The Brigmore Witches’


It's time to kill some witches in the final piece of 'Dishonored' DLC...


The One Nitpick We Have With ‘Dishonored': Corvo Can’t Punch

By | 8 Comments

What, does Corvo think decking a guy is beneath him?


Five Reasons You Need To Play ‘Dishonored’

By | 23 Comments

I'm having too much fun with 'Dishonored' to actually finish it and write a review. Really that should tell you all you need to know.

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‘Dishonored': The Glory Of Freedom

By | 6 Comments

'Dishonored' may just be everything I have ever wanted out of a video game.

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'Dishonored' Lets You Choose Between Being A Detective Or Just Murdering Everyone

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Do you want to discretely complete missions by playing Sherlock Holmes, or just kill everyone? In Dishonored it's your choice...

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‘Dishonored’ Will Have You Killing People In Ways You Never Imagined

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Looks like Dishonored is going to feature some truly inspired sadism...

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‘Dishonored’ Is Like A Choose Your Own Adventure Book (Just With A Lot More Arterial Spray)

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One of the big focuses of Bethesda's upcoming steampunk, neo-Victorian neck stabbing sim Dishonored, is giving the player options. The latest Dishonored trailer demonstrates this by showing three very different methods of escaping a tough spot...

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Dishonored Is Going To Be The Most Ridiculously Violent 'Stealth' Game Ever

By | 5 Comments

Dishonored is Bethesda's upcoming high-concept steampunk stealth-action game. Don't worry though -- there are still many wonderful/terrible ways to kill people in the game.


No More Sequels: 10 Of The Best New Games Unveiled At E3 2012

By | 18 Comments

E3, the biggest hype machine of the games industry, has become more about letting the public know about the next big sequel in franchise X.


"Dishonored" GIF Pretty Much Sells the Game Right There


You know, in case the trailer hadn't already sold you, here's a looping GIF of the protagonist goomba-stomping/neck-stabbing some random guard.

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