Brighton Sharbino

Watch That Little Psycho Lizzie From 'The Walking Dead' In An Episode Of 'Hannah Montana'

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Before 'True Detective' and 'The Walking Dead,' Brighton Sharbino was in an episode of 'Hannah Montana.'


5-Year-Old Disney Channel Actress Receives Death Threats, Likely Because She Plays The Daughter Of Lesbians

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The next time you threaten to kill a five-year-old, really think about what you're saying.

Everybody Panic Now Lesbians Have Invaded The Disney Channel

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The Disney Channel featured its first ever same sex couple in an episode of 'Good Luck Charlie' this week.


Former Disney Channel Star Explains Why He Walked Away From Millions Of Dollars

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Dylan Sprouse from Disney Channel's "Suite Life of Zack & Cody" explains what it's like to break away from Disney.

Disney Channel

‘Dog With A Blog’ Has Been Picked Up For A Second Season, And You Can Read The Dog’s Blog

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The greatest show of all-time, Disney Channel's "Dog With a Blog," has been picked up for a second season.


Chris Bosh Is Taking His Talents To The Disney Channel


I will probably never do a <a href="" target="_blank">Sports On TV</a> column for the Disney Channel hit <a href="" target="_blank">'Jessie.'</a> Not that I wouldn't cover a kid's show -- I've already done SOTV entries for <a href="" target="_blank">'Arthur'</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">'Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers'</a> after all -- but I lost track of what was going on on the Disney Channel when the Suite Life kids started living on a boat.

A.N.T. Farm

Droids Are Being Sassy On Disney Channel! The Crossovers Begin!

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R2D2 and C3PO are already embarrassing themselves on the Disney Channel...


Actors Who Were On TGIF Shows Before You Knew Who They Were

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A list of now-famous actors and actresses who appeared on a TGIF, including "Boy Meets World" and "Full House," before they were stars.

Boy Meets World

Disney Channel May Make A New 'Boy Meets World' Series, Starring Cory And Topanga's Kid

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Disney Channel is in early stages of development on a new TV series centered on the daughter of Cory and Topanga.

Disney Channel

‘Dog With a Blog’-gate: Day Two: Inside Information About Kuma’s Firing

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Courtesy of a commenter named "Poor Kuma," we have more information about the firing of the dog from 'Dog With a Blog.' THIS GOES ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP.

Disney Channel

The Dog From ‘Dog With A Blog’ Has Already Been Fired

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Kuma, the star of Disney's 'Dog With a Blog,' has already been replaced by a younger, less-experienced dog. Isn't that just like Hollywood?

Disney Channel

A Visual Recap Of The Greatest Show Of All-Time, Disney’s ‘Dog With A Blog’

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Meet your new favorite show ever: "Dog with a Blog," about a dog who has a blog.


Jean-Ralphio From ‘Parks & Rec’ Is Voicing A Teenage Ninja In A Disney Channel Cartoon

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Ben Schwartz (aka Jean-Ralphio from 'Parks & Rec') is voicing the lead character in a Disney Channel cartoon titled 'Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja.'


New Disney Channel Scandal Involves the Village People and Spanking

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A woman is suing the Walt Disney Company because she claims she was sexually harassed during a recent taping of the Disney Channel show "Good Luck Charlie.


Morning Links: The Hive Is Open For Dot Biz

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We've <a href="">endorsed him for New Orleans Hornets owner</a> before, but comedian-slash-pro-wrestling-manager-slash-<a href="">Air-Sex-Pioneer</a>-slash-everything-else Chris Trew should already be running the team and throwing together Alonzo Mourning handshakes for pregame festivities.


Seems Appropriate, Disney Channel

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The Disney Channel is under fire a joke about eating disorders that was made on "Shake It Up," one of the channel's many original programs aimed at kids.

Disney Channel

Give That Baby a Controller — Video Games Found to Make Kids More Creative


Bad news for those of you hoping the Xbox can be blamed for your children being terrible -- a new study by Michigan State University has found that playing video games can lead to an increase in creativity in kids.

Britney Spears

The 8 Most Nauseating Disney Channel Shows of All Time

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Wipe away the nostalgia, and you'll see that the early 1980s were an awful time.

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