James Caan Is Getting Divorced For The Third Time From The Same Woman

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The pair got married in 1995, 2005 and 2009. This will be their third divorce.


Meanwhile, In Florida: Congressman’s Wife’s Leaky Breast Implant Postpones Bigamy Trial


A Florida congressman's wife sued him for divorce. He countered with accusations of bigamy. Her implants couldn't handle the stress.


The Story Behind The Guy Who Caught His Wife And Sister-In-Law Cheating And Is Live-Updating It All

By | 102 Comments

The story behind a wife's infidelity, the investigation connected to it, and the Reddit thread where the husband is live updating it all.

nick cannon

Nick Cannon Has Filed For Divorce From Mariah Carey

By | 7 Comments

Nick Cannon has filed for divorce from Mariah Carey, but on the plus side she's got a brand new gig at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.


Dumb Guy Asks For Legal Advice On Reddit, Then Asks For More Once It Backfires

By | 18 Comments

If you ask Reddit for legal advice, you're going to get a plot from 'The Sopranos' and it will backfire.


Here Are All The Reasons Why Beyoncé And Jay Z Are DEFINITELY Divorcing

By | 3 Comments

Another day, another new batch of Beyoncé and Jay Z divorcing rumors. Here are seven of the silliest, I mean, most foolproof.


Science: Facebook Makes You More Likely To Get Divorced

By | 9 Comments

Facebook might be wrecking your marriage. Or, rather, giving you the handy tools you need to wreck your marriage!


Congratulations To Deryck Whibley, Who Is Finally 100% Free Of Avril Lavigne

By | 14 Comments

Even though he's engaged and she's already remarried, only now is Deryck Whibley finally free of Avril Lavigne.


Robin Thicke’s New Album Title Is His Latest Attempt To Win Back His Estranged Wife

By | 2 Comments

Robin Thicke's campaign to win back his wife Paula Patton just reached uncomfortable new heights.


This Spurned Husband Is Selling His Cheating Wife’s Wedding Dress With A Scathing Classified Ad

By | 8 Comments

An Australian man whose wife left him for a close friend is selling her wedding dress in spectacular fashion.


Here’s A Man Calmly Videotaping His Wife Destroying Their Car With A Hammer

By | 24 Comments

Serenity now is probably an understatement when this man's soon to be ex-wife goes to town on their car with a hammer.


A Woman Is Reportedly Seeking A Divorce Because Her Husband Didn’t Like ‘Frozen’

By | 36 Comments

Today in 'Fun but Possibly Fake News,' a Japanese woman left her husband after he told her that he just didn't like 'Frozen.'

nick cannon

Reports: The Inevitable Mariah Carey-Nick Cannon Divorce Is Now Imminent

By | 13 Comments

According to new reports, Mariah Carey is on the verge of filing for divorce from Nick Cannon, as predicted.


This Divorced Dude Hilariously Took Out His Frustrations On A Vending Machine

By | 3 Comments

This clearly very bitter divorced man took out his issues with his ex-wife on a vending machine.

nick cannon

Mariah Carey Probably Isn’t Going To Be Happy About This Radio Interview Nick Cannon Just Gave

By | 7 Comments

Nick Cannon visited Power 106 and was asked a bunch of really inappropriate questions about his marriage and sex life which he was all too happy to divulge because Nick Cannon!

gwyneth paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow And Chris Martin Have Called It Quits In A Blog Post On GOOP

By | 23 Comments

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced that they have separated in a post on the website GOOP, and then the website crashed.


Great News, Fellas: Tan Mom Has Filed For Divorce

By | 5 Comments

Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil has filed for divorce from her husband, which is sure to send single men everywhere into frenzies.

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