weed whacker

Watch A Mechanical Madman Destroy Grapefruits Using A Weed-Whacker Equipped With Steak Knives

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Weed-whackers are wonderful things, but add some steak knives and you've got some real mad science going on.

#Star Wars

Watch This Man Test Fly His Custom Millennium Falcon Drone

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We're one step closer to owning our own flying version of the Millennium Falcon from 'Star Wars' thanks to this custom drone.

King Tutankhamun

Someone Broke King Tutankhamun’s Mask And Used Superglue To Fix It

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At least we can finally answer Steve Martin's burning question, "How'd you get so funky?"

i see this ending in fire

Watch This Guy Build A Flamethrower Out Of Some Junk And Cornstarch

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Homemade flamethrowers are a terrible idea, but they're cool to look at. Like this one!


Keurig’s Attempt To Block ‘Pirate’ Coffee Can Be Hacked With Scissors And Tape

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Keurig does not want you using coffee that hasn't paid them a royalty. And their system to prevent that can be defeated with tape.


Here’s How To Make Your Own Doritos Mountain Dew With One Weird Trick

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Here's how to beat Pepsi and Frito-Lay at their own game and make the terrifying concoction that is "Dewitos" (Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew).


Danger Zone! Here Are Intriguing Halloween Costumes Based On TV Characters.

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We have 25 more Halloween costumes based on recognizable TV show characters. SPLOOSH.


Here Are Even More Funny Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

By | 5 Comments

Here are 25 more humorous Halloween costumes from movies, history, and pop culture.


Check Out These Funny And Unique Halloween Costumes Based On TV Characters

By | 9 Comments

We've collected 25 costumes that are inexpensive enough that you won't have to become a meth kingpin to afford them. Unless you want to.


Please Enjoy These Pop Culture Halloween Costumes That Won’t Break The Bank

By | 8 Comments

Here are 25 pop culture Halloween costumes of varying difficulty, all unified in being creatively executed and instantly recognizable to many.


Here Are Some Geeky Halloween Costumes To Try Out This Year

By | 11 Comments

Here are 25 costume ideas for geeks who don't want to spend a lot of time or money making a slapdash costume this Halloween.

3D printing

Look At This Castle Built With A Freaking 3D Printer


It took him less than four months and it's pretty as a picture.

#X Men: Days of Future Past

Colin Furze Is Back With Wrist-Mounted Flamethrowers Inspired By X-Men’s Pyro

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This guy has been building his own versions of X-Men superpowers, and now it's time for Pyro-inspired DIY flamethrowers.


Introducing The ‘Personal Space Dress’ That Nonchalantly Tells Guys To Get Lost

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While it's only a DIY idea right now, Urban Armor offers women instructions on how to build this amazing 'Personal Space Dress.'


The ‘Aliens’ Pulse Rifle Is Now Real, Sans Grenade Launcher

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I want to introduce you to a personal friend of mine. This is a working firearm based on the M41A Pulse Rifle.

roller coasters

Awesome Dad Plays Oprah: ‘Backyard Roller Coasters For Everyone!’

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Will Pemble built a backyard roller coaster for his son Lyle, and made a website called Coaster Dad to show you how to build your own.


This Awesome Dad Built An 'Aliens' Power Loader Costume For His Baby Girl

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Check out this 'Aliens'-inspired baby Power Loader costume built by a dad to wear with his daughter to a parade.

Practice Kissing

The DIY Makeout Pillow Is Here To Ensure You Have A Sucessfully Creepy Valentine’s Day

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This DIY makeout pillow is the kind of things dreams posing as nightmares are made of and now you can make your own in time for Valentine's Day.


We Must Posses This: A Batman Fan Is Selling A Real, Working Batmobile

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If you're one of those vigilante billionaire types, you can now get a working Keaton Batmobile replica at auction.

viral video

How-To Make A How-To Video About How-To Cook Hard Boiled Eggs


For everyone struggling to film themselves cooking eggs.

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