Seasons Changed: Summer Edition

Nature Ft. Cormega – “Summer Breeze” (Prod. By DJ Concept)


New Nature and Cormega on the cut "Summer Breeze," featuring production by DJ Concept.

Teddy Pendergrass

Remembering Theodore


Earlier this morning, DJ Concept sent over another fine mix that he created, this one honoring the musical legacy of the recently deceased Teddy P.

The Chemical Formula

“The Chemical Formula…”

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DJ Concept strikes again, this time bringing The Alchemist along for the festivities.

Primo On Fire

DJ Concept – Primo On Fire

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This landed in the inbox yesterday but I'm just now getting around to it.

Tore Down: A Tribute To St. Ides & Many Other Fine Beverages

DJ Concept – Tore Down: A Tribute To St. Ides & Many Other Fine Beverages

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DJ Concept back again in your area, this time with a mix for the lushes, party animals & those longing for nostalgia.


DJ Concept, Marco Polo & Torae – Armed & Dangerous Mixtape

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With their album Double Barrel in stores today (or iTunes holler), Torae & Marco hook up with Concept to unleash some free material to encourage you to take part in a retail sort of way.

Music Is Life Part 2

DJ Concept – Music Is Life, Part 2

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The good sir DJ Concept slid his latest mix into the inbox, a compilation of songs from recent days that should help you Loosies-lazies since it's put together & ready for you to rock with.


Skyzoo, Chaundon & Torae As “Three Kings”

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I'm sure Jason won't be pleased to see Sky's appearance on another mixtape, but it's good to see Chaundon & Torae getting some well deserved shine.


DJ Concept – 2120 S. Michigan Avenue: Legendary Blues Music

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I'm glad when the homie Concept slides these emails into the inbox.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

“A Tribute To Experience…”

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With the passing of Mitch Mitchell, we officially say goodbye to The Jimi Hendrix Experience.


“It’s Grover…”

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For your "other than rap" listening pleasures.

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