Young Buck

Young Buck Ft. 2 Chainz – “So Gone”

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Young Buck's looking to make an audio splash to build anticipation for upcoming Strictly 4 The Traps N Trunks Vol.

Young Buck

Young Buck – Live Loyal, Die Rich Mixtape

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Even though his music career is <a href="">perpetually stalled in limbo</a>, Buck's still got the itch for making music and, thankfully, the knack for crafting quality material.

The Architect

Fate Eastwood – The Architect Mixtape


Consider this a business card in a.


Photo Recap: One Week In Nashville With Wale, Danny Brown, Freddie Gibbs & Friends

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Nashville had an entertaining week from Sunday, October 9th to Sunday, October 16th and experienced great live performances due to tour routing that led to several Hip-Hop acts converging on the city in a seven day span.

Zach Boog

DJ Crisis’ Shut Up And Listen Tour: Week 1 Recap

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Mi hermano <a href="">DJ Crisis</a> kicked off week one of his Shut And Listen College Tour last weekend, covering Middle Tennessee State University and UT-Martin in two consecutive nights.

Zach Boog

Rocksmith Presents DJ Crisis’ Shut & Listen College Tour


<a href="">DJ Crisis</a> has been holding it down for several years now, dominating the airwaves of Nashville's largest urban station, the city's clubs and playing tour DJ across the country for several artists.

Young Rell

Stix Izza Feat. Young Rell – “Know By Now”

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At least once or twice a week, <a href="">Stix'</a> Mars.


In Photos: #BigKRITxNashville

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What's left for us to say when both <a href="">K.R.I.T.</a> and his DJ, <a href="">Wally Sparks</a>, call Saturday night's show "one of <a href="">the top 10 shows</a>" they've ever done.


Openmic – For The Rebels

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<a href=""> Given the amount of music proliferating all arenas of my day, I've developed a Simon Crowell-like sixth sense to sample bits of new material and make a quick, accurate assessment. And the first time I watched and listened to <a href="">Openmic</a> perform live, my gut reaction was that he had the skills.


Dee Goodz – Floetic Justice II

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<a href=""> <a href="">Dee Goodz</a> presents himself as a young MC but he's pulling the wool over people's eyes.

The Radikalz

Event Recap: Nashville’s Hip-Hop Showcase

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<a href=""> Artists engage in self-aggrandizement out of necessity. If they aren't given their chance to be a focal point at the podium, they're left to shout their names from crowd or sometimes from outside the venue doors. As the adage goes, they must "toot their own horns" until they build a large enough band to play the instruments for them. Right now, Nashville's building a band to support the artists and this past Wednesday's Hip-Hop showcase, hosted by our friends <a href="">DJ Crisis</a> and <a href="">Dee Goodz</a> and sponsored by <a href="">Rocksmith</a>, was one more effort for the band to come together and jam.

Shut & Listen Volume 10

DJ Crisis x Drumma Boy – Shut Up & Listen Vol. 10


In the weekly mp3 chase, it's easy to get swamped and drown.


Dee Goodz – “Unknown” Video

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The young gunner <a href="">Dee Goodz</a> on the come up with a video to accompany his latest mixtape, CKDO & DJ Crisis Present Dee Goodz Vol.

The Tenn A Keyan 3

All Star – The Tenn-A-Keyan 3

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Nashville's got it for cheap, all the way to the tune of free as <a href="">Starlito</a> & <a href="">DJ Crisis</a> bring it back together to deliver the third edition in the the self-proclaimed prince of the city's chronicles of rhymes and crimes.

The Tennekeyan 3

All-Star – “We Run This Town”


Fresh off <a href="">I Love You, Too</a>, Starlito's not slowing down.

The Tennekeyan 2


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Some early morning Starlito since The Tennekeyan 2 has been dominating my listening rotation the past few days & weeks.

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