Renegade Hands

Chanes – “Tables”


We like instrumentals around here.


The Distinct Life’s “Dirty 30 For 30″ Series: Week Three Recap


The "Dirty 30 For 30" covered seven more days of dopeness.

The Makings

House Shoes – The Makings, Part 2

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Labeling Shoes as a producer or just a DJ would be shortchanging what he brings to music.

The Makings

House Shoes – The Makings, Part 1

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<a href="">House Shoes</a> is probably best known as a touring DJ as well as the unofficial official worldwide ambassador of Detroit Hip-Hop, but he has a production career that has gone relatively unheralded.

Starship 27 Vol. 2

House Shoes Feat. Jimetta Rose – “Castles (The Sky Is Ours)”

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A few months ago, Dam-Funk's drummer <a href="">Jovan "J-1" Coleman died</a> while on tour in Sweden.

Shotgun & Sleek Rifle

Quelle Chris Feat. Roc Marciano – “Slaves” (Prod. By House Shoes)

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I think I’m beginning to turn into one of those hated hip-hop purists.

XXX (Album)

Fools Gold Records Presents Danny Brown – XXX

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Danny Brown is off his rocker and he's definitely on point as a rapper.

The Official Daily Bread Mixtape

Apollo Brown & Hassaan Mackey – The Official Daily Bread Mixtape (Mixed By House Shoes)

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Mell Music tapped House Shoes for The Official Daily Bread Mixtape, a 45 minute original mix is the jump off for <a href="">Apollo Brown</a> & <a href="">Hassaan Mackey's</a> new album Daily Bread and features a variety of past tracks, collaborations, features, rare and unreleased tracks, along with new material including a sneak peak at the track "Weak Won't Do" from the upcoming album.

Strut Records

House Shoes Does Dennis Coffey’s Music

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<a href=""> Google provides far more specific information on <a href="">Dennis Coffey</a> than this space would allow for me.


HouseShoes – “The Look” x “Newports”

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<a href=""> Into vinyl much? Might I suggest picking up Los Angeles 4/10. Need convincing? Rotate these two layered, slap-heavy instrumental offerings from <a href="">Shoes</a>.


DJ House Shoes Presents An Experiment In Instrumentation

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<a href=""> After having the one of those weeks where the crap rolled downhill and accumulated mass, I feel bushed. There's not too many rap songs that will recharge me but I know the people need what they need. Therefore, I dug up one that I had saved to listen to anyways, this An Experiment In Instrumentation creation by orchestrated by none other than <a href="">Shoes</a>.

The Grand Ole Party Of Bootleggers & Tastemakers

SXSW: Assessing The Aftermath

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Of course there will be an unabridged recap full of storytelling, details and all the extras.

What's On My iPod

Big Brothers, Big Sisters

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Photo by <a href="">Suzette Lee</a> "If you admire somebody you should go ahead and tell'em, People never get the flowers while they could still smell'em.


The Week That Was: The #drakewasfabstruecompetition Edition

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-- Fab may be grooming baby Los to be the successor to his throne, but he found <a href="">Drake's "Over"</a> to be a worthy opponent for <a href="">trending</a> <a href="">topic</a> supremacy on Thursday when he finally got around to dropping the second installment in his <a href="">No Competition series</a>.

What's On My iPod

What’s On My iPod: House Shoes

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<a href="">House Shoes</a> is a diehard.

We Got Now

Marvwon – The Way Of The Won

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The big homie <a href="">House Shoes</a> sent this over the other day and I've been selfish in hogging this for myself; using it to put a bit of dirt back on my soul after having it sweetened by the plethora of rappers selling out for 15 seconds of fame on the R&B route.

The Shimmy

The Shimmy…

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<a href="">House Shoes</a> and <a href="">The Find Mag</a> get together to bless us all with a mix sure to warm the heart & spirit.

Shoes House Podcast

Freeload: Shoes House Episodes 20/21

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Pic By Kyla Right now, LC is somewhere way far away from her lovely computer screen.


DJ House Shoes Presents The King James Version

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By now you should be familiar with that chain-smoking titan from Detroit that calls himself <a href="">DJ House Shoes</a>.

Shawn Jackson

TWTW — Fave Five Recap

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It's quite obvious that this is the LC show today as we presume the boys are off beating their collective meats in one hell of a competitive circle jerk pause.

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