Yelawolf Releases “Let’s Roll” Video Featuring Kid Rock, DJ Kool Herc

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The video for <a href="">Yelawolf's</a> thumping first single, "Let's Roll," encompasses everything listeners need to know about the 'Bama MC.


The Week That Was: The Frozen In Dallas Edition

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<a href=""> -- Word on the street is that there is a big football game this weekend. Here are three things that'll make it better: these <a href="">crazy bets</a>, the possibility of <a href="">free pizza</a> and, if you're a Packers fan, Lil Wayne's <a href="">new fight song</a>.


Donate: Kool Herc’s Medical Fund

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<a href=""> Kool Herc, the man forever linked to the creation of this Hip-Hop music thing, has fallen ill and in need of financial assistance from the community. Given I'm one of the oldest gathered here, the idea may not resonate with everyone, which I completely understand. A quick Google search or checking <a href="">his Wikipedia page</a> may sway those who feel unconnected to his story because Herc's the guy responsible if you ever nodded your head to the beat of a rap song.


To Whom It May Concern

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Dear Rapper/Producer/Promoter/Mogul/Entertainer, You disappoint me.

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