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“Movement Music” – Review Of DJ Revolution And Malcolm & Martin’s Life Doesn’t Frighten Me


<a href=""> Successfully branding yourself as an outcast is definitely easier said than done. The risk of alienating or positioning the music to speak to particular demographics opposed to rapping from a general standpoint to herd more fans in is simply one record labels can't afford to take in this day and age. As a direct consequence, they run a congruent risk of producing multiple clones in every genre. Thankfully, everyone isn't afraid to roll the dice and it is with such precise gambling techniques does the tenacious duo of Malcolm & Martin make the house rules with producer DJ Revolution on their debut album Life Doesn't Frighten Me. Giving new definitions to the term "freedom writers," Kb Imean and Styliztik Jones impressively deliver gritty street philosophies to mold the layout of their general concourse. While neither officially lay claim to one respective activist over the other, the ambiguity of the matter allows for an influential blend of brainy raps and enjoyable Hip-Hop. Straightforward in their approach with nearly practically deadpan deliveries, the duo spark whiplash responsiveness with their lead single, "<a href="">Movement Music</a>.

Malcolm & Martin

Malcolm & Martin – “Paul Revere 2011?

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<a href=""> Whoa, whoa! Hold it now, hit it! Mixing a well-respected classic with updated fist-pumping edutaining raps is how KB Imean and Mr. Styliztik Jones -- better known to you as Malcolm & Martin are living vicariously through the Beastie Boys in <a href="">'s</a> recording booth to remind you what time it is.


Malcolm & Martin – “Ka$h”


<a href=""> Aware that half their competition are trying to sell themselves to the masses by bragging about objects most potential fans can't comprehend, <a href=" and martin">Malcolm & Martin</a> get on our level for their unreleased joint, "Ka$h.


Malcolm & Martin – “Movement Music” Video

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<a href=""> What it is black and white and read all over? Try the resounding message of Malcolm, Martin, Marco and DJ Revolution's progressive train of thought ganked from their upcoming album, Life Doesn't Frighten Me. They even have a little Spike Lee/virtual insanity action poppin' off. There is never a reason to be scared when demons are battled and exercised through the expression of music and The Brothers M have proved themselves to be nothing short of fearless at this point. Get ready for a reality shock and <a href="">pre-order the album from their official website</a>.

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Malcolm & Martin – “Stand 4 Something”

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<a href=""> As life continues toward a collision course with February 1st, <a href="">Malcolm & Martin</a> prepare to release their debut album <a href="">Life Doesn't Frighten Me</a>.


Malcolm & Martin – “Movement Music”

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<a href=""> It's official. <a href="">Malcolm and Martin</a> are creating throwback music worthy of boomboxes and in the average revolutionary's Walkman.


The Week That Was: The Diddy Can’t Breathe Edition

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<a href="h"> -- Jay Electronica exorcised the ghost Christopher Wallace & got down with the <a href="">nation of Roc</a>.

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Malcolm & Martin Were…Criminal Minded

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<a href=""> Yesterday, everybody in the inbox got short-changed. Standard procedure calls for me to wake up, smoke a few cigs and then start sifting for mp3 gold via the submissions that land overnight or from previous days. After clicking through a few emails, the cover art for Malcolm & Martin... grabbed me so I pressed play...and that was pretty much it for the day. I was going to type an superfluous opus about the project but it seemed wasteful, considering that most of you will either skip this post because the artists are unfamiliar or the diehards will skip the words and go to the album stream like they always do. Therefore, I'll just share the meat and potatoes. -- Malcolm & Martin is actually a stage named adopted by emcees Styliztik Jones and KB iMean, along with <a href="">DJ Revolution</a> steering the wheels.


5.27 The Cooler

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<a href=""> Cat Washington Ellen DeGeneres Starts Own Record Label, Signs YouTube Kid <a href="">[Reuters]</a> T.

The eXXecution

Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx Will Chop Your Head Off!

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Last year he was firing Yosemite Sam's <a href="">with Torae</a>.


Duck Down Records Presents Download The Right Thing

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Bar none, Duck Down has to be one of the most impressive labels left standing from the 90's.


“Party Crashers” – Review Of Marco Polo & Torae’s Double Barrel

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They say if you can't beat 'em, you might as well join 'em.

Young De

The Visual Arts


You know the drill.


Notable Quotable – Rock Of Heltah Skeltah On “Start The Revolution”

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"Who break records 'round the world with no Guinness Books'n My boy DJ Rev, let ya shit be bullshit He break those too, just the other way I got nothin' nice to say, but I'll say get it anyway Fuck what my mother say Somebody should bust yo face Somebody should've told ya your rap career's like your belt line -- Just a fuckin' waste [waist] DJs can't see Rev today, or any other day He play them Russian-roulette-records niggas don't wanna play I'm like 'Hey DJ won't you play that song', they be like 'Yeah yeah,' I be like 'Yeah, right' WRONG This nigga scared like Pac said about Omar Epps in Juice DJ Rev's my dude Half of you terrible, the rest of you horrible Revolution bring change and it starts with me stompin' you Sparkin' you, erase the whole mob of you Rock is a monster dude.

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