Malcolm & Martin – “Movement Music”

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It's official. Malcolm and Martin are creating throwback music worthy of boomboxes and in the average revolutionary's Walkman.


Duck Down Records Presents Download The Right Thing

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Bar none, Duck Down has to be one of the most impressive labels left standing from the 90's.


“Party Crashers” – Review Of Marco Polo & Torae’s Double Barrel

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They say if you can't beat 'em, you might as well join 'em.

Young De

The Visual Arts


You know the drill.


Notable Quotable – Rock Of Heltah Skeltah On “Start The Revolution”

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"Who break records 'round the world with no Guinness Books'n My boy DJ Rev, let ya shit be bullshit He break those too, just the other way I got nothin' nice to say, but I'll say get it anyway Fuck what my mother say Somebody should bust yo face Somebody should've told ya your rap career's like your belt line -- Just a fuckin' waste [waist] DJs can't see Rev today, or any other day He play them Russian-roulette-records niggas don't wanna play I'm like 'Hey DJ won't you play that song', they be like 'Yeah yeah,' I be like 'Yeah, right' WRONG This nigga scared like Pac said about Omar Epps in Juice DJ Rev's my dude Half of you terrible, the rest of you horrible Revolution bring change and it starts with me stompin' you Sparkin' you, erase the whole mob of you Rock is a monster dude.

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