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Did Warner Bros Abuse The Law With Their DMCA Takedowns?

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Warner Bros. may have abused DMCA tools during a recent copyright victory against Hotfile and could pay the price in front of a jury.


KTVU Is Trying To Erase The ‘Sum Ting Wong’ & ‘Ho Lee Fuk’ Incident From YouTube

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San Francisco's KTVU is trying to rewrite history on YouTube, with the help of copyright laws.


Movie Studios Issue Takedown Request For Takedown Requests

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Movie studios are issuing takedown requests for their DMCA takedown requests. Seriously. This is happening.


Obama Thinks It Should Be Legal To Unlock Your Phone

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Unfortunately, that's pretty much the extent of what the White House can actually do about this, give the idea the thumbs up.


Unlocking Your Phone From Its Network Is Now Illegal For Some Ridiculous Reason

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So, you can jailbreak your phone, you can change the software on it however you please, but you can't tune its radio to another band. Makes sense!


Canadian Tries To Use DMCA To Take Down Canadian Site


Don McPherson is a court reporter, and that's a tough job.


Next On MPAA's Hit List: HotFile


<a href=""></a>One of the problems with the whole Megaupload debacle is that even as the site was being shut down, it was revealed that <a href="">a lot of its customers were actually legit</a> and just trying to get the fourth quarter spreadsheets to their boss in a timely manner.


The Megaupload Controversy Plot Thickens

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As you might remember, Megaupload recently <a href="">posted a star-studded video defending itself recently to YouTube</a>, only for Universal Music Group to issue a takedown notice.


Did Warner Brothers Break The Law With Avalanche Of DMCA Takedown Notices?


Fun fact: the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), better known as the YouTube Ruining Law, allows movie studios to issue takedown notices for media posted on the Internet.


The Library of Congress Sort Of Lets You Violate DMCA


The Digital Millenium Copyright Act is probably one of the most annoying laws Congress has ever passed, betraying a complete ignorance of copyright and the Internet.

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Judge Rules You Can Make A Copy Of A DVD


As you may have guessed, we're not big fans of certain copyright laws here at UPROXX.

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