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Ja Rule, Jay Z And DMX Have A Group Album We’ll Probably Never Hear

By | 24 Comments

The "Big Three" that never realized their full potential.


This Vine Of A Lamb Bouncing To DMX Is The Best Thing On The Internet Today

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The days of <a href="http://uproxx.com/music/2014/04/this-vine-of-a-llama-frolicking-to-dmx-is-peak-internet/">DMX llama</a> has come and gone, replaced with DMX lamb, a bubbly little fella named Winter.


Expendables Fantasy Draft: How Would You Assemble Your Perfect Team Of Action Heroes?

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Our panel of eight experts faced off in an epic fantasy draft challenge to select their ultimate 'Expendables' action hero lineups.

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The Internet Has Already Created A Remix Of DMX Screaming On That Amusement Park Ride


DMX went on an amusement park ride and entertained everyone with his screams. Now there's a remix.

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Which Rapper Has The Largest Vocabulary? This Handy Chart Has The Answer.

By | 17 Comments

Have you ever wondered which hip-hop artists have the largest vocabularies? Now there's a chart for that!

Superfight 2014

The George Zimmerman / DMX Superfight Has Been Canceled

By | 3 Comments

The George Zimmerman / DMX fight that people wanted to see for all the worst reasons has been canceled.


There’s A Snag In The George Zimmerman Vs. DMX ‘Celebrity’ Boxing Match

By | 23 Comments

While everyone is talking about how DMX agreed to fight George Zimmerman, the rapper has yet to sign any Celebrity Boxing contracts.


Stop What You’re Doing And Watch DMX Crash This Wedding Party

By | 2 Comments

Rapper DMX crashes a wedding party and starts rapping to his own hit song. Because why wouldn't he?

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