DMX Has Been Arrested For The 2nd Time In Two Weeks

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Y'all go make him act a fool: DMX arrested for second time in as many weeks after traffic stop in SC.


While You Slept, DMX Got Arrested Again In South Carolina

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And to think, <a href="">DMX</a> almost made it all of August without showing up on <a href="">The Police Blotter</a>.


DMX Files For Bankruptcy, Owes $1.24 Million In Child Support

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Welp, <a href="">DMX's</a> troubles just went from bad to worse as the rapper has now filed for <a href="">Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection</a>.


DMX’s Recent Arrest Has Video Footage

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The rapper's representatives were adamant that DMX wasn't charged with DUI during <a href="">his most recent arrest</a> but, man, he appears to be under the influence of something.

The Police Blotter

DMX Arrested On DUI Charges Today, July 26, 2013

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Everyone, check your <a href="">DMX</a> office pool because according to reports, X found <a href="">himself in handcuffs</a> again in the wee hours of Friday morning.

Whatcha Gonna Do?

The #DMXWeek Shuffle – Jayo Felony’s “Whatcha Gonna Do” Ft. DMX

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Delivering a resume of raw talent and little luck with recorded material, DMX had a lot to prove when he signed with Def Jam in 1997.


Dark Man Exposed: DMX Vs. The Media

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DMX's public image usually illustrates a predictable picture.

The iPod Shuffle

The #DMXWeek Shuffle – Eminem’s “Go To Sleep” Ft. DMX

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At the height of his beef with Ja Rule, Eminem unleashed an unforgiving uppercut when he teamed with DMX for this no-holds-barred inclusion in the Cradle 2 The Grave OST, "Go To Sleep.


#DMXWeek – Earl Simmons’ 5 Best Movie Roles

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Earl Simmons didn't reinvent the wheel with his acting career.

The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle – Aaliyah Ft. DMX – “Come Back In One Piece”

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When Aaliyah dropped a duet with DMX to highlight the Romeo Must Die OST, there were two trains of thought.


#DMXWeek: The 12 Most Gruesome Deaths From ‘It’s Dark & Hell Is Hot”

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<a href=""></a>Words By Preezy Da Kid | <a href="">@PreezyDaKid</a> Murder can be a double-edged sword.

The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle: LL Cool J’s “4,3,2,1” Ft. DMX

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Back in 1997, a star-studded Def Jam roster paired a resurging LL Cool J with a handful of superstar hopefuls in Red & Meth, DMX and Canibus to deliver what they anticipated would inevitably be a classic single from from LL's Phenomenon album.

#Jay Z

#DMXWeek: DMX Vs. New York City

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Following a lineage of legendary Big Apple artists before him, none in history exploded with the level of intensity and graphicness Earl forced upon the world on his debut It's Dark & Hell Is Hot.

The Lox

The iPod Shuffle: The Lox Feat. Lil Kim & DMX – “Money, Power, Respect”

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Despite key associations and enough talent to justify two-decade-long solo careers for each member, The Lox had their only legitimate hit in 1998's "Money, Power, Respect.

Notable Quotables

Notable Quotable: DMX’s “The Prayer”

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<em>"I come to you hungry and tired, you give food and let me sleep/ I come to you weak, you give strength and that's deep</em>


Introducing #DMXWeek…

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As <a href="">we mentioned last week</a>, we're bringing back our Artist Week with a tribute to DMX on the 15th anniversary of his classic debut, It's Dark And Hell Is Hot.


X Is Coming…

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Back in the olden days of TSS, we used to partake in these events called <a href="">Artist Weeks</a> that highlighted one aspect of our culture from Monday to Friday.


Watch Iyanla Vanzant Attempt To Fix DMX’s Life

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DMX's highly anticipated Iyanla: Fix My Life episode aired last night on OWN.


DMX Is On A Horse. Your Argument Is Invalid.

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Just take Old Spice's money already, Earl.

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