MMA Fighter Josh Neer Reminds Us Why It’s A Bad Idea To Talk Sh*t On The Internet

By | 12 Comments

Josh Neer says that he easily dispatched of an online 'bully,' while that man says that he 'won' their impromptu MMA fight.


An Infowars Editor Is Having A Blast Mocking And Trolling WWE Fans Over The Royal Rumble Outrage

By | 37 Comments

Paul Joseph Watson believes that WWE fans would be better off using their outrage to fight Monsanto than the Royal Rumble results.

#Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt Says Internet Comments Are A ‘Crazy Toilet Bowl’ And You Shouldn’t Read Them

By | 9 Comments

Chris Pratt had some harsh words for those who criticize him on the internet, if people like that even exist.

#Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt Is Back On Twitter, 15 Pounds Lighter And Full Of Renewed Wisdom

By | 11 Comments

In an essay for TIME, comedian Patton Oswalt described what it was like to step back from Twitter and Facebook for several months.


Let’s Take A Good Long Look At One Of The A-Holes Who Called P.K. Subban The N-Word

By | 44 Comments

Boston Bruins fans are being raked over the Twitter coals for racist comments about P.K. Subban, but some were simply trolls being trolls.


Jay Mariotti's Screed About Obama's Bracket Picks Is His Hottest Hunk Of Horse Crap Yet

By | 34 Comments

Irrelevant and washed up sports columnist Jay Mariotti has turned to bashing President Obama's NCAA Tourney picks for page views.


In Which We Recognize The 10 Finest Twitter Troll Jobs Of 2013

By | 17 Comments

Time to look back at the good, the bad, and the ugly of Twitter trolling in 2013. Including troll wizard and UPROXX favorite Patton Oswalt.


20 Appropriate GIF Responses To Darren Rovell’s ‘Give Peace A Chance’ Tweet

By | 2 Comments

Last night, the Los Angeles Lakers officially bid farewell to Metta World Peace after four seasons of mostly-sane behavior and his patented “piss ‘em off” defense that helped support Kobe Bryant leading them to the 2009-10 NBA Championship.


Skip Bayless 'Devastated' By The Spurs Loss

By | 15 Comments

This year’s NBA Finals, folks – they weren’t about the Miami Heat or the San Antonio Spurs.


Donald Trump Claims That Scotland Loves His New Golf Course, Scotland Disagrees

By | 6 Comments

Reality TV host, global real estate icon and world’s largest source of natural hot air Donald Trump reached a new level of relevance during the 2012 presidential election, as he trolled Twitter ever so hard and goaded millions of people into reacting to his shameless, arrogant and irresponsible opinions about President Barack Obama and the future of America.

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