The Primer: 10 Twista Songs Everyone Should Know

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Twista has rightfully earned his reputation as Hip-Hop’s lyrical assassin with the genre’s quickest tongue.


Twista – Reloaded Mixtape

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Chicago has been quite hot on the music front, as of late.

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The iPod Shuffle: Do Or Die Feat. Kanye West – “Higher”

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Before <a href="">Kanye</a> was in a power couple, mocking PETA and stopped referred to himself as "Tidda," the renown Chi-Town faction known as <a href="">Do Or Die</a> linked up with the budding superstar for "Higher.


The iPod Shuffle – Do Or Die’s “Paper Chase”

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Back when their fellow Chi-Town homie still went by Tung Twista, Midwest trendsetters <a href="">Do or Die</a> were rapping a lot like some of your favorite rappers do now: fast flowing with lyrical content fit for a trip to the re-up spot.


“Gotta Slow It Dooown…”

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So, I finally caught wind of <a href="">Twista's Category F5</a>.

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“Talk To Me”- Review of Twista’s Category F5

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A category F5 twister is impossible to predict.


Still Po Pimpin…

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Certain artists need to make the time to drop a collabo album already.

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