For Her 22nd Birthday, Here Are The 22 Essential Kate Upton Videos

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Kate Upton turns 21 today, and we're celebrating by sharing her 21 most crucial, essential Internet videos. Happy birthday, Kate!


‘Kate Upton’s Butt Deserves More Attention’ Says Kate Upton

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Sports Illustrated's latest swimsuit video features Kate Upton discussing her boobs and butt and having fun on the beach. Revolutionary!


5 Lessons We Learned Watching Kate Upton Float Around In Zero Gravity

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Kate Upton took a trip on a Zero G aircraft and floated around for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, and we learned 5 important lessons.


It’s Kate Upton’s 21st Birthday So Let’s Throw Her The GIF Party Of The Year

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Today is Kate Upton’s 21st birthday, and as such we would like to wish our favorite Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model and reigning With Leather Celebrity Sports Fan of the Year (2010-probably when she turns, like, 34 or something) the best of birthday wishes.


Kate Upton Vs. Victoria’s Secret. Who Ya Got?

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If you said anything other than "Kate Upton," get the hell away from our website immediately.


Everyone Needs To Pray That Kate Upton Just Started A New Meme

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For all of its pros and cons, Twitter is, at best, a valuable educational device.


Kate Upton Rapping Update: She’s Still Not Rapping, But It’s Close Enough

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Last week we posted the preview clip of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover model Kate Upton spitting hot fire alongside Outkast's Big Boi and Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson for episode 2 of Skullcandy's Take a Supermodel to Work.


People Seem To Be Upset With Kate Upton’s Super Bowl Ad For Mercedes

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By now, you're probably aware that Mercedes signed With Leather's 2011, 2012 (and pretty much every year beyond that until the end of time or she turns 30) Celebrity Sports Fan of the Year Kate Upton for its Super Bowl ad campaign, and today we've finally been gifted with a teaser ad.


Kate Upton In V Magazine (Spoiler: The Guy Is The ‘V’)

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The good thing about Kate Upton getting famous enough to do real, non-Sports Illustrated modeling is that we'll get to see her throughout the year, and not just when SI gets around to saying, "okay, this month we're putting sand on ladies' boobs and calling it a swimsuit.


Quick, Guess Which Part Of This Kate Upton German Vogue Video The Internet Likes Most

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If you guessed "the part where she wears a peacoat and walks through a garden with a cane," what're you, new.


Oh Hey, Kate Upton. What’s Up?

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Originally, I was going to write a few hundred words about how Kobe Bryant and Smush Parker are trading insults right now about their time as teammates 5 or 6 years ago.


So, Uh, Kate Upton With Baby Animals (And Babies) Is Pretty Weird

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Justin Verlander's Sports Illustrated covergirl and technically-sports-related girlfriend Kate Upton has been pretty light on the photoshoots since bikini season ended, but her latest from CR Fashion Book magazine (entitled "Hush Lil Baby, Don't You Cry") has hit the web, and it's.


Good News: Kate Upton Did Another Fashion Shoot. Bad News: She Looks Too Skinny?

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Last week, With Leather’s 2011 Celebrity Sports Fan of the Year Kate Upton teased us by Tweeting the first shots from her latest fashion shoot with photographer Yu Tsai for Contributor Magazine.


Kate Upton Is Almost Drunk Enough To Have Fun At A Tigers Game

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I'm not one to narc on a beautiful woman having a good time, but here's a clip of Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton -- 20-year old Kate Upton -- enjoying a clear, yellow-ish beverage in a transparent plastic cup at a Detroit Tigers home game over the weekend.


Congrats In Advance To GQ On Its Pulitzer

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Independence Day has already long been my favorite religious American holiday, as I don’t think a three-day weekend can get much better than grilled meat, fireworks, and booze.


Kate Upton Does The Fox Flash, Which Is Nowhere Near As Great As It Sounds

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You'd think an organization with a name like Fitness Without Borders would be open to interpretation when sending Sports Illustrated swimsuit covergirl Kate Upton out to do something called a "Fox Flash".


Happy Easter, Here's Kate Upton Getting Naked Because Of Easter

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I don't know what mad genius saw "Easter" on the calendar and decided to celebrate it by having Kate Upton get in her underpants, throw on a pair of bunny ears and store a bunch of eggs in her bosom, but here we are: LOVE magazine presents Peter Cottontail.

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