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Ken Burns Made A Hilarious Short Documentary About Comedian Eugene Mirman

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Ken Burns cut his teeth on wordy documentaries about The Civil War and Baseball, but now he's shifting focus onto bigger prey: Comedian Eugene Mirman.

Calvin & Hobbes

Creator Of Calvin & Hobbes’ Bill Watterson Debuts His First Comic Since 1995 For The Film ‘Stripped’

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'Calvin & Hobbes' Bill Watterson debuts his first artwork in almost 20 years for the poster of the movie 'Stripped.' MORE!


‘The Final Member’ Details One Icelandic Man’s Quest To Obtain A Human Penis For His Museum

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'The Final Member' documents one Icelandic man's quest to find a human penis for his penis museum. The word itself makes some women uncomfortable. Penis.


Watch This Eerie Trailer For A Doc About The White Supremacist Takeover Of A North Dakota Town

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Check out the eerie trailer for 'Leith, ND,' a documentary about white nationalist Craig Cobb's attempt to take over a North Dakota ghost town.


An Aspiring Actor Joined Scientology Four Years Ago And Made A Documentary About The Experience

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Actor Steven Mango's new documentary tells his story of how an acting workshop led to four years as a parishioner in the Church of Scientology.


Whoop Dreams: The Trailer for Our Gathering of the Juggalos Documentary

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Remember when the FilmDrunk Frotcast went to the Gathering of the Juggalos? We also shot a documentary. Now it has a trailer, just like your mother.


Meet The Florida Woman Who Married Her Longtime Love… A Ferris Wheel Named Bruce

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On the latest edition of Logo TV's 'WHAT!?' documentary series, a Florida woman renewed her wedding vows with a ferris wheel named Bruce.


REMINDER: Awesome killer whale doc ‘Blackfish’ airs tonight on CNN

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If you don't like badass documentaries about killer whales wrecking shit and eating people, then definitely don't watch Blackfish tonight on CNN at 9pm.


Tonight’s HBO Documentary: ‘Life According to Sam’

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HBO's fall documentary series continues tonight with According to Sam, a documentary about an inspiring young man with a rare disease whose courageous journey will probably make you feel bad about your own turdpile of a life.


TRAILER: Alex Gibney’s ‘The Armstrong Lie,’ about Lance Armstrong

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I've never been convinced that Lance Armstrong is this evil villain, which has become far and away the dominant media narrative in the last few years.


Queen of Versailles Update: These two dicks haven’t learned anything

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When I <a href="" target="_blank">reviewed Queen of Versailles</a> last July, one of the things that struck me about it, aside from the unintentional humor (favorite line "I didn't even know we had a lizard"), was the way the couple at the center of it, the Siegels, actually came off fairly sympathetic.

Here’s The Trailer For The TLC Documentary About A Guy With 132 Pounds Of Scrotum

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On the one hand, why would you watch? On the other hand, WHAT DOES 132 POUNDS OF SCROTUM LOOK LIKE?


HBO’s Summer Documentary Series: Love Marilyn

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HBO's summer documentary series continues tonight with Love, Marilyn, from Academy Award nominated director Liz Garbus, previously of Bobby Fischer Against the World and There's Something Wrong with Aunt Diane.


HBO Documentary Series Kicks off with Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer

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I'm a big fan of documentaries and an even bigger fan of sitting on my fat ass and not leaving the house, so HBO's summer documentary series is relevant to many of my interests.


‘Metallica: Through The Never’ Looks Intense

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While a lot of today’s popular music stars like Justin Bieber and Katy Perry are pumping out “concert documentaries” to make a few extra million dollars and promote themselves in positive, edited new lights, credit is due to Metallica for taking that idea and punching it in the balls.


A documentary about Colombians having sex with donkeys. This exists.

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At first I thought this trailer for Donkey Love, which is about Colombians having sex with donkeys, might be fake - you know, something the Venezuelans or Mexicans made to make fun of Colombians, the way Australians and New Zealanders are always accusing each other of having sex with sheep.

billy corben

REMINDER: The Latest 30 for 30 Airs Tonight

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ESPN hasn't sent out any trailers or even put an embeddable one online because I guess they hate money (best I could find was this 30-second TV spot), but consider this your reminder that the first installment of their 30 for 30 series of sports documentaries airs tonight.


Oh hell yes: 30 for 30 Series Does Young Arnold Schwarzenegger

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If you missed any of ESPN's This 10-minute movie focuses on the years before Arnold Schwarzenegger was the "Universe's Perfect Specimen," when the young Austrian seized upon an opportunity to use the sport of bodybuilding to catapult himself to international stardom.


Review: The Queen of Versailles

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Queen of Versailles opens today in San Francisco and a handful of other markets.


The Super Size Me Guy Made A Comic-Con Documentary

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During San Diego Comic-Con 2012, Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) directed a documentary which was also produced by Stan Lee and Joss Whedon.

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