Facebook Claims Gruesome Pro-Dog Fighting Page Doesn’t Violate Their Terms

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The community page glorifies the blood sport, but the social network doesn't seem to mind.


Sports On TV: The Wire’s 15 Greatest Sports Moments

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HBO's 'The Wire' is the best TV show ever made.


Boycott Subway Until Happy Gilmore Gives Back His Gold Jacket

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Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and assumed "trunking" expert Michael Vick took home a BET Award for Sportsman of the Year on Sunday night, and because of this (and stay with me here, because this doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense) an animal rights group will be boycotting Subway restaurants.


Michael Vick Wants A Puppy From Santa

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Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is still a pretty controversial public figure, as many people haven’t forgiven him for his involvement in vicious dog fights that resulted in an unknown amount of cruel and inhumane violence and death.


Michael Vick To Start (Killing Dogs Again) On Sunday

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That headline is meant in jest, but this is turning out to be a big deal.



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Did German shepherds engineer the Paw-locaust.

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