St. Louis Had A Dog Parade And It Was Classier And More Intelligent Than Others


As with any Super Bowl, my favorite Monday pastime is reading everyone’s analysis of what they loved and hated, but with much more enthusiasm for the latter.


It’s The Best Of The 2012 Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade Contest

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The hardest part of owning a dog isn’t training it and remembering to do all the small things like feeding, walking and bathing it, nor is it teaching it how to run up to big breasted women with a rose in its mouth and a tiny little envelope with a hotel room key attached to its collar.


The Best Of The 2011 Tompkins Square Park Dog Parade

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Back in July, fans of the San Diego Padres gathered at Petco Park as they hoped to break the world record for the longest costumed dog parade as part of the organization’s annual Dog Days of Summer promotion, which allows fans to bring their pooches to the ballpark.

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