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Check Out This Dog Pull Off The Greatest Fake Out In Canine History

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This video begins as one of the more depressing clips you'll see today, but soon turns the tables and becomes completely awesome.


And The Winner Of The 2014 Drake Relays Beautiful Bulldog Contest Is…


The annual Drake Relays are underway, and as always they began with the Beautiful Bulldog competition on Monday.

cancer sucks

This Dying Woman Trying To Find A Home For Her Dog Is Only The Saddest Thing You’ll Ever See

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Patricia Cudd was told that she had only six months to live after being diagnosed with cancer and is now trying find a home for her dog.


Meet Purin, The Skateboarding Japanese Beagle Who Is Taking The Television World By Storm

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This is the greatest thing I've ever seen. There are so many music videos.


Your Pet Is Eating All Your Weed And The Local News Is ON IT

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An Arizona CBS affiliate did a hard-hitting report on dogs eating weed.


Discovery Doesn’t Think Your Dog Is Watching Enough Television


Discovery Communications has just purchased an unspecified stake in DogTV, which has been operating until now as a digital television channel for dogs.


Oh Nothing, Just Shaun White’s French Bulldog Dog Rambo Riding A Scooter


The legend of Shaun White's dog, Rambo, grows with this wonderful photo of the French bulldog on a scooter.

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Two Of The Sochi Stray Dogs Have Retired To The Good Life In Florida

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The ARNI Foundation in Daytona Beach has brought the first two of 18 Sochi stray dogs to the United States for a much better life.


Security Camera Catches Dogs Desperately Trying To Alert FedEx Driver As His Truck Rolls Down A Hill

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Watch as a poor FedEx employee's truck makes a daring escape and rolls away, all while a yard full of dogs tries to alert him.


The Internet Exists So We Can Watch This Ambitious Dog Faceplant Into A Couch In Slow Motion

By | 6 Comments

The lovable, oblivious stupidity of every dog you've ever encountered, perfectly packed into 26 seconds of slow motion hilarity.

Dog Magic Tricks

Here Are More Adorable Dogs Being Fooled By Magic Tricks To Brighten Your Day

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Dogs continue to be overly trusting and easily fooled by magic in the second of installment of 'Magic for Dogs.'


Stop What You’re Doing And Watch This Two-Legged Dog Run Around On A Beach

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This two-legged Boxer gets to run around on the beach for the first time. Set heart to warmed.


Watch This Teeny Tiny Little Dog Throw The Hell Down Over A Bowl Of Kibble

By | 7 Comments

This mean little jerk chihuahua is refusing to let a bigger dog near its food dish.

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Watch These Two Guys Perfectly Spoof Two Dogs Sharing An Ice Cream Cone

By | 3 Comments

The Dogs Sharing An Ice Cream Cone spoof that we never knew we needed but can't live without is finally here!


This Dog Driving His Owner Around On A Motorcycle Is Just Another Reminder That Dogs Are The Best

By | 3 Comments

Watch a dog deftly maneuver a motorcycle as his owner calmly sits behind him.

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Sold For $2 Million, A Tibetan Mastiff Is Believed To Be The Most Expensive Dog In The World

By | 11 Comments

A Chinese real estate developer just paid $2 million for a Tibetan mastiff, the breed of dog favored by Genghis Kahn when he was conquering Asia and Europe.


Today’s Life Affirmation Is Brought To You By Basset Hound Clown Car

By | 3 Comments

Basset Hound Clown Car asks the question: How many Basset Hounds can fit inside of a small doghouse?

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