Because It’s Friday, Here’s An Adorable Young Girl Singing With A Rottweiler

By | 2 Comments

Could this young girl and her big rottweiler friend be the newest musical duo to take the Internet by storm? Yes, please.


Meet Obie, The Dachshund That Lost A Ton Of Weight To Inspire The World

By | 7 Comments

Obie the dachshund became famous for his ridiculous weight, but a great diet and some exercise has him thinner than ever.


‘Does The Dog Die?’ Rates Movies Based On One Important Consideration

By | 32 Comments

DoesTheDogDie.com is a new website that ranks movies based on important dog-death criteria.


Important News For ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans: Everybody’s Getting Replaced With Pugs

By | 9 Comments

'The Pugs Of Westeros' stars Roxy, Blue, and Bono as several characters from 'Game Of Thrones'. Wheezing is coming.


Meet Peanut, The 2014 World’s Ugliest Dog Who Is Truly The World’s Ugliest Dog

By | 6 Comments

The World's Ugliest Dog competition took place in California last Friday, and the big winner might be the most deserving mutt in history.


The Worst Girlfriend In America Sold Her Boyfriend’s Dog While He Was Deployed

By | 22 Comments

A man serving in Afghanistan learned that his girlfriend sold his dog on Craigslist, causing some Facebook strangers to come to the rescue.


These Dogs Do Not Appreciate Getting Barked At By A Human Being

By | 3 Comments

Watch the hilarious results as a voice actor convincingly barks at a bunch of dogs.

world pup

Everybody Go Vote For The USA In Animal Planet’s World Pup Tournament

By | 6 Comments

Animal Planet is holding a "World Pup" tournament where you can vote on dogs. LET'S VOTE ON SOME DOGS.


Watch How Happy This Dog Is To See His Owners After Surgery To Cure His Blindness

By | 6 Comments

Duffy the Irish terrier couldn't have looked happier to see his human friends, after surgery to reverse his blindness was successful.


You Can Almost Feel The True Love In This Pug Wedding Ceremony


A woman in England threw a pretty fancy wedding ceremony for her pet pugs, Betty and Albert, over the weekend.

the pope

The Pope Is Throwing Shade At Married Couples Who Substitute Pets For Children

By | 17 Comments

The Pope is speaking out on the influence of a culture that tells couples life is better without children. Screaming kids or fancy vacations? HMM.


New Study: Cat People Are Smarter Than Dog People

By | 9 Comments

A scientific study has found that cat people are apparently smarter than dog people and you can't argue with science.

short films

As Expected, Filmmaker Dean Potter Had To Defend BASE Jumping With His Dog

By | 11 Comments

Before his short film's trailer was released, BASE jumper Dean Potter wrote a full defense for people angry that he jumped with his dog.


Filmmaker And BASE Jumper Dean Potter Took His Dog On His Latest Leap

By | 11 Comments

For his short film, 'When Dogs Fly,' Dean Potter wanted to see how his dog would respond to the thrill of BASE jumping.


At Long Last, The Dog-Centric Parody Of John Legend’s ‘All Of Me’ Has Arrived


By now you've heard "All of Me" more than you can remember. Well, now enjoy "All of Meat."


Behold, Peter Caine: The Internet’s Angriest Dog Trainer

By | 7 Comments

Peter Caine is not afraid to tell you what what he thinks about you, you lowlife piece of sh*t.


Dog Wearing A GoPro? Dog Wearing A GoPro.

By | 3 Comments

Ever wonder what it would be like a dog chasing things and playing catch. That wonder is over.


The Most Accurate Prostate Cancer Test May Be Sniffing Your Crotch Right Now


Your dog, it turns out, is better at detecting cancer than anyone realized.


Such Games. Much Fun. Somebody Has Successfully Kickstarted A Doggy Gaming Console.

By | 4 Comments

Hey everybody, the world's problems are solved! There's now a gaming console for dogs!

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