At Long Last, The Dog-Centric Parody Of John Legend’s ‘All Of Me’ Has Arrived


By now you've heard "All of Me" more than you can remember. Well, now enjoy "All of Meat."


Behold, Peter Caine: The Internet’s Angriest Dog Trainer

By | 7 Comments

Peter Caine is not afraid to tell you what what he thinks about you, you lowlife piece of sh*t.


Dog Wearing A GoPro? Dog Wearing A GoPro.

By | 3 Comments

Ever wonder what it would be like a dog chasing things and playing catch. That wonder is over.


The Most Accurate Prostate Cancer Test May Be Sniffing Your Crotch Right Now


Your dog, it turns out, is better at detecting cancer than anyone realized.


Such Games. Much Fun. Somebody Has Successfully Kickstarted A Doggy Gaming Console.

By | 4 Comments

Hey everybody, the world's problems are solved! There's now a gaming console for dogs!

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Watch The Adorable Interview With The Boy Who Was Saved By His Cat From A Dog Attack

By | 11 Comments

Here's an interview with the little boy whose life was saved after his cat threw down and rescued him from a vicious dog attack.

#Viral Videos

Watch This Hopelessly Dopey Dog Totally Suck At Catching Treats In Its Mouth

By | 10 Comments

Nana the dog might be good at some things. Catching treats in the air, she ain't.


This Video Of A Heroic Cat Saving A Boy From A Vicious Dog Attack Is Nothing Short Of Amazing

By | 63 Comments

Watch a young boy's cat save the day when he's attacked by a neighbor's dog.

The Best Of Dinky The Dog, The Vine Account You Didn’t Know You Needed


We've tracked the identity of "Brendan P. Winans" the world's swaggiest real estate agent, and it's Dinky the dog from these great Vines.


Idaho State Allowed A Deceased Student’s Service Dog To Walk In His Place At Graduation

By | 9 Comments

As an Idaho State University student posthumously received his degree, his service dog was allowed to cross the stage in his place.


Juggalo Dog Could Be The First Official Mascot Of The Insane Clown Posse

By | 7 Comments

Rottweiler afflicted with a skin condition = Juggalo Dog! WHOOP WHOOP!


This Controversial Video Of Three Dogs Receiving Treats Sparked Outrage On A Fox News Facebook Page

By | 30 Comments

This video of three dogs -- Jess, Buster, and little Elmo -- receive sausage treats, is adorable.


This Dog Befriending A Disabled Kitten Might Be The Most Heartwarming Thing You’ll See Today

By | 12 Comments

A kitten named Ralphee that suffers from a neurological disorder has found a special friend in an Australian cattle dog named Max.

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Today Is Brought To You By The Best Dog Toy Ever

By | 6 Comments

It's almost Friday, so here is a toy with a toy that makes it look like it has a big cartoon smile.


Alton Brown Makes Dog Treats To Replicate Those Delicious Cat Turds Dogs Love So Much

By | 6 Comments

Alton Brown came up with a sort of solution for dogs that eat cat turds by creating a dog treat with the stank dogs love.


Watch This Guilty Puppy Feel Super Guilty About Eating Her Owner’s Money

By | 2 Comments

Luna the dog is very, very sorry that she ate her owner's money, but she'd probably do it again.

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This Alzheimer’s-Ridden Man Interacting With His Dog Will Make You Feel So Many Feelings

By | 4 Comments

“My father has Alzheimers. He has lost almost all of his speech. This is what happens when he is with our dog.”


Check Out This Dog Pull Off The Greatest Fake Out In Canine History

By | 7 Comments

This video begins as one of the more depressing clips you'll see today, but soon turns the tables and becomes completely awesome.


And The Winner Of The 2014 Drake Relays Beautiful Bulldog Contest Is…


The annual Drake Relays are underway, and as always they began with the Beautiful Bulldog competition on Monday.

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