Dolphin Surfing

A woman wakeboarding in the Sea of Cortez is unexpectedly joined by a pod of dolphins.


Dolphins Save Young Seal

A family of bottlenose dolphins helps a lost seal find it's way back home.


Crawling Dolphin

A dolphin trainer in Sebastopol, Ukraine, named Bogdan Dolgy has trained Gosha, a 15-year-old dolphin, to jump out of the water and crawl about 33 feet alongside a swimming pool.


Walken Around the Christmas Tree (Morning Links)


[via imgur.com] MORNING LINKS Anchorman 2 News: Kristen Wiig to play Brick Tamland’s lamp interest |Film Drunk| Frotcast 129: Matt Louv Talks Award Season, A Concerned Letter From His Mom |Frotcast| Have we not learned from Treehouse of Horror XI.


Being Bitten By A Dolphin Is A Sport, Right


It's one of the worst parts of my personality, but I love seeing children at the zoo being assaulted by animals.

megan fox

Megan Fox Talks To Dolphins And Loves Science In An Ad For A Product We’ve Forgotten Already


Megan Fox walks out of a pitch meeting about "unicorns, zebras, you're in your underwear... in space" so that she can focus on talking to dolphins.


Amazing Footage of Dolphin Giving Birth

Amazing underwater footage of Keo the dolphin giving birth to a female calf at Dolphin Quest Hawaii.


Horny Dolphin

This is what it looks like when a dolphin jumps out of the water and starts humping a female tourist.


The Blue

Albacore fishing off Santa Cruz turns into something completely different when a pod of Pacific white-sided dolphins shows up.


Dolphins May Get Alzheimer's


In the process of discovering why dolphins are so adorably intelligent, scientists found they share a collection of genes very similar to the ones suspected to play a role in horrible mental illnesses.


Animals Saying Hello In The Links

The Donald Glover Guide To Achieving Acting, Hip Hop, And Stand Up Stardom In Your Twenties |UPROXX| Nike Set To Take The Field With New NFL Uniforms, Sideline Apparel |Smoking Section| Ah-Mah-Zing: The 80 Greatest GIFs from ‘Happy Endings’ |Warming Glow| The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 4/2/12: Say Yes To The Yes |With Leather| Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: Tyrannosaur On A War Horse |Film Drunk| Louis C.


FACT: The Best Way To Market A Tattoo Parlor Online Is With A Video Featuring A Unicorn Humping A Dolphin

For the first minute or so of this video, I had no f-ing clue what I was watching.


What Would Archer Do? New Year’s Eve Edition


Adam Reed's brilliant "Archer" is all set to return on January 19th after a lackluster three-episode run in the fall (sorry, "Archer" is fantastic -- the best animated sitcom on television -- but those three episodes were weak sauce).


Just your basic amateur MMA fight breaking out at a Russian dolphin pool


This is just your basic, impromptu, pick-up MMA fight that starts when a guy jumps into the pool at a Russian dolphin park.

let's hope nobody arms them

Dolphins Have a Healing Factor?


Here's something you may not know about dolphins, aside from their enormous intelligence and tendency to kill for fun (seriously: dolphins are thrillkillers); when a dolphin suffers a shark bite, it feels little pain, doesn't lose a ton of blood, doesn't get infected, and in fact barely even leaves a scar.


What Are You Willing To Do For Some Chicken Wings?

Weird News, American Style All the great news stories should start with the subtitle, "Police find back door open, marinara sauce on wall".


These Links Feel Good Man

ABOVE: Remember Smiley Riley the stoned birthday dog.

Snoop Dogg

Imminent Pug Disasters, Snoop Dog, and Links

Have you ever had a login name at any Gawker Media site (Gizmodo, Lifehacker, etc).


Spider-Man Caught Molesting a Dolphin


In what might be the most hard-hitting piece of journalistic analysis I report this week, Spider-Man has been caught finger blasting a dolphin.


Links and Derp

If you haven't seen Burnsy's take on Saturday Night Live yet, you should.

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