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Ray Rice In Apology Letter To Baltimore: ‘One Bad Decision Can Turn Your Dream Into A Nightmare’

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A year after knocking his then-fiancee out in an Atlantic City elevator, Ray Rice released a letter to the city of Baltimore.

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Amateur Fighter Ben Wada Was Arrested For Knocking Out His Mom

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Ben Wada, an amateur MMA fighter, was arrested for allegedly beating his mom with a flashlight.


War Machine Calls Christy Mack A Liar In His Latest Bizarre Twitter Rant

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War Machine got on twitter to talk about magic, among other things.


Introduce Yourself To The Husband Who Allegedly Assaulted His Pregnant Wife With A McChicken Sandwich

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This man wasn't happy with the meal his wife chose for him, so he allegedly attacked her with it. Right in the face.


Now War Machine Is Writing Spooky Halloween Poetry About His Suicide Attempt

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War Machine posted a pair of tweets last night, including a Halloween poem about his suicide attempt and complaints about how he's hungry.


Stephanie McMahon Revealed Updates To WWE’s Domestic Violence Policies

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Stephanie McMahon revealed that WWE's wellness policy contains a "zero tolerance policy for domestic abuse," and other interesting notes.


War Machine’s Suicide Note Is A Depressing Look Into A Troubled Man’s Mind

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The text of War Machine's suicide note as been posted online, and it's as broken and depressing as you'd imagine.


War Machine Tried To Kill Himself In His Prison Cell, And The Story Keeps Getting Sadder

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A TMZ report says War Machine tried to kill himself in his prison cell this week, where he's being held on domestic violence charges.


War Machine Has Returned To Twitter, Is Now A Poet Who Is Into Nietzsche

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Former MMA fighter War Machine returned to Twitter with a Nietzsche quote and an original poem about how Christy Mack deserved it.

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This Is The Only Thing You Need To See From Ravens Owner Steve Bisciotti’s Press Conference

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Trust me, this is the only thing you need to see from the Ravens press conference on Monday afternoon.

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Ray Lewis Said The Most Obnoxious Thing About The Ray Rice Domestic Abuse Case

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As if things couldn't get any worse with domestic abuse commentary, Ray Lewis weighed in and what did he just say?


Keith Olbermann Doesn’t Have To Strain Much Pointing Out How The Vikings Mishandled Adrian Peterson

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Keith Olbermann doesn't have to destroy, annihilate, or eviscerate the NFL. They've already done enough themselves.


Christy Mack Posted An Update About Her Condition Post-War Machine Brutality

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Christy Mack updated her Twitter followers on her progress a month after ex-boyfriend War Machine's alleged brutal attack.


Introduce Yourself To The California Man Who Fed His Ex-Girlfriend Her Own Dog

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A man in California is under arrest for attacking his ex-girlfriend and allegedly feeding her her own dog.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Set Mankind Back Generations In This CNN Interview About Domestic Violence

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Floyd Mayweather may be the most clueless athlete in the world when it comes to domestic abuse.

Floyd Mayweather

Serial Domestic Abuser Floyd Mayweather Thinks The NFL Was Too Harsh On Ray Rice

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Does Ray Rice really want the support of serial domestic abuser Floyd Mayweather. I'm thinking no.


Michael Strahan On Ray Rice: ‘I Hope That He Can Get Help’


Michael Strahan gives about the only response one could on the Ray Rice controversy without frothing at the mouth.


War Machine Made His Initial Appearance In Court, Claims War Machine Is ‘A Character’

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'Fictional character' War Machine made his initial appearance in a Las Vegas court to face charges of attempted murder and sexual assault.


War Machine: The Oppression Of Men Is Worse Than Nazi Germany Or Slavery

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War Machine, recently famous for crippling and trying to murder his girlfriend, thinks men's rights problems are worse than slavery.

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