Dog The Bounty Hunter Is Hunting Down War Machine For What He Did To Christy Mack

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War Machine brutally beat and almost killed ex-girlfriend Christy Mack, so now Dog The Bounty Hunter is gonna find him and bring him in.


War Machine Is On The Run And Wanted For Nearly Beating Christy Mack To Death

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The War Machine/Christy Mack story has ended in a brutal attempted murder, and now the MMA fighter is on the run from police.

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Lana Del Rey Sucks Some Fingers And Eats An Orange Dressed Like A Bride In Her New Video

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Lana Del Rey's video for 'Ultraviolence' is nearly as exhausting as she herself is.


Allow Whoopi Goldberg To Very Loudly Tell You When It’s Okay To Hit A Woman

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Whoopi Goldberg defended Stephen A. Smith on 'The View' by saying that if a woman hits a man, she should expect to be hit in return.


Stephen A. Smith Released An Apology For His Poorly-Worded Thoughts On Ray Rice

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After adding to the confusion with a string of Tweets, Stephen A. Smith finally typed a complete apology for his domestic violence rant.

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Oh Boy, That Artist Is Back With More Depictions Of Abused Disney Princesses

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If you were having yourself a good day today, here's something to change that.


New Mexico Woman Arrested For Beating Her Mother Over The Head With A Vibrator


Believe it or not, this did NOT happen in Florida or Ohio.


CM Punk ‘Walked Out,’ Matt Hardy Got Arrested And It Was A Pretty Bad Day For Pro Wrestling

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On an overall terrible day for pro wrestling, CM Punk "walked out" on WWE and former WWE star Matt Hardy was arrested for beating his wife.


Goldberg From ‘The Mighty Ducks’ Allegedly Tried To Pee On His Ex-Girlfriend

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Actor Shaun Weiss, who played Goldberg in 'The Mighty Ducks,' is accused of beating and trying to pee on his ex-girlfriend.

Domestic Violence

127 Hours Subject Aron Ralston Arrested After Domestic Incident

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Guess which subject of an inspirational story of triumph was arrested over the weekend in a domestic incident. I'll give you a hint, he was played by James Franco.


Florida Friday: Man arrested for shoving pregnant girlfriend blames Obama

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FLORIDA FRIDAY, PANHANDLE EDITION -- 18-year-old John Shiffner got into a fight with his pregnant, 30-year-old girlfriend in Century recently, a small town on the Alabama border.


Martina Hingis And Her Mom Attacked A Guy With A DVD Player, Might Send Russian Assassins After Him

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Tennis star/my 90s crush Martina Hingis teamed up with her mom to attack her husband, hitting him with a DVD player and threatening him with Russians (?).


Mayhem Miller’s Latest Arrest Happened Over Snapchat

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Jason Mayhem Miller got arrested for the third time in a month on 9/9, this time for sending an "I love you" message on Snapchat.


Mayhem Miller’s Statement About His Domestic Abuse Arrest Is … Uh, Concerning

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Earlier this week, we reported that former UFC fighter "Jason Mayhem" Miller <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2013/08/mayhem-miller-got-arrested-for-domestic-abuse-and-got-an-apology-from-the-internet" target="_blank">had been arrested on a domestic violence charge</a>.


Mayhem Miller Got Arrested For Domestic Abuse (And Got An Apology From The Internet)

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Remember when former UFC fighter Jason "Mayhem" Miller <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1tIRM160Tc" target="_blank">got all crazy with Ariel Helwani</a>, broke his toys and stormed off the MMA Hour set, but it was okay because he was just "acting.


Florida Friday: Florida teen named "Bamboo Flute" stabbed his dad

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According to a report in the <a href="http://www.gainesville.com/article/20130626/ARTICLES/130629757" target="_blank">Gainesville Times</a>, an 18-year-old named "Bamboo Flute Blanchard" stabbed his 54-year-old father in the chest with a pocket knife Tuesday, because, as he told deputies, he wondered what it would be like to take a life.


Edward Furlong Is Out Of Jail, Looks Great

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TMZ reported yesterday that Terminator 2 actor Edward Furlong, now 35, was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, and it was a confusing read at first, because I had just assumed he had been in jail this whole time for drugs or whatever, but apparently I was wrong.

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