Straight From The Heart

Alpoko Don Ft. Scarface – “Set The Record Straight”


The newcomer and the veteran finally come together on a track.

Ol’ Soul

Alpoko Don (AKA Don Dada) – “Street Life” Video

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Having spent a lot of time in the Baptist church as a kid, I always remember the deacons leading the devotional portion of Sunday service.


Alpoko Don aka Don Dada – “Get My Paypa Dog” Video

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"N*ggas claimin' that they making more paper than me/How is that when I making more paper than trees.


Alpoko Don aka Don Dada – “All I Know” Video

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You need a hit, give him an hour, plus a pen and a bannister.

We Got Now

Every Time Don Dada Freestyles An Angel Gets Its Wings

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"I'm blowing sticky Dragonball the same color as Piccolo" Remember our diamond in the rough Don Dada.


Dear Labels, Go Find Dondada Young*

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Every hood in America holds that one cat with an uncanny sense of humor, an elephant's memory to recall details, an ill ability to take in his surroundings and twist those experiences up into really cool rhymes.

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