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Jon Stewart Rips The Alarmist Cable News Coverage Of This Week’s Blizzard

By | 4 Comments

'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' takes on cable news coverage of the recent blizzard in the northeast.

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Don Lemon Is Officially One Of The Worst Things About Journalism In 2014

By | 18 Comments

Columbia Journalism Review has released their list of the worst journalism in 2014, reserving a special spot for CNN's Don Lemon.


Janice Dickinson Unloads On Bill Cosby In A Bizarre CNN Interview

By | 21 Comments

Janice Dickinson joined CNN and called Bill Cosby a "despicable monster." But did her rant get edited by CNN?


Watch A Ferguson Protester Yell ‘F*ck CNN!’ Right In Don Lemon’s Face

By | 11 Comments

A protester screams right in Don Lemon's face during a live broadcast following a grand jury's decision not to charge Darren Wilson.


Darren Wilson Might Be Ready To Speak On The Mike Brown Shooting

By | 18 Comments

Reports indicate Officer Darren Wilson has been meeting with different news outlets to decide which will air his first interview.

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Twitter Has More Don Lemon Style Suggestions With #DonLemonReporting


Don Lemon has once again derped when he should have herped, and Twitter didn't let it slide. Here are the best jokes from the hashtag.

don lemon

Don Lemon Apologizes For His Line Of Questioning With Bill Cosby’s Rape Accuser

By | 15 Comments

After viewers were livid over his questions to a woman accusing Bill Cosby of rape, CNN anchor Don Lemon has apologized.


CNN’s Don Lemon Asked One Of Bill Cosby’s Accusers Why She Didn’t Bite His Penis

By | 30 Comments

"There are ways not to perform oral sex if you didn’t want to do it."


Don Lemon Had An All-Time Derp Moment Last Night On CNN

By | 37 Comments

Don Lemon had a massive brain fart tonight and we're not sure he knows what an automatic weapon is.


CNN's Don Lemon Wonders If A Black Hole Swallowed Flight 370 In The Most Insane Theory Yet

By | 16 Comments

Don Lemon throws rationality into a Black Hole by thinking a Black Hole swallowed Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. Seriously.

The N word

Actual CNN Debate: 'N Word Vs. Cracker: Which Is Worse?'

By | 101 Comments

Earlier this evening, CNN anchor Don Lemon hosted a debate about the difference between the use of the "N word" and another racial term like cracker.


CNN, Jonah Hill, and the Tale of the Most Asinine Story Ever Covered

By | 32 Comments

If the 24-hour news cycle wasn't a joke before, it certainly is now.


We’re Not Sure We Want To Live In A World Where Jonah Hill And Don Lemon Are Feuding On Twitter

By | 16 Comments

CNN anchor Don Lemon and actor Jonah Hill got into a Twitter pissing match last night. How could Jesus let such a thing happen?


Colbert Confront’s CNN’s Don Lemon For Not Asking A Dude About His Vampire Fangs


I've been meaning to post this all day and somehow forgot -- how and why exactly, is a mystery, because it's absolutely fantastic.


Take Your Banter and Shove It

By | 12 Comments

Last night's "Daily Show" picked up on something I'd never noticed before: CNN anchor Don Lemon has zero patience for the banal banter about human-interest stories that he and other anchors are supposed to engage in.

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