How Are People In Canada Coping With The NHL Lockout? Sex Toys, Of Course

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As we dip our toes into the 66th day of this NHL lockout, it shouldn’t surprise many people that yesterday’s latest crucial meeting was a complete dud, as talks lasted a whopping two hours.


The NHL Lockout Could Possibly End Today

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Last week, due to the NHL lockout, the league canceled its best regular season event of the season, as it pulled the plug on the Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic, which would have been played in freezing temperatures in front of 100,000 people at the University of Michigan.


The NHL Lockout Has Inspired The Wrath Of Hockey Fans Across The Internet

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The NHL and the league’s players association made a huge breakthrough yesterday, in that they figured out a way to reward both sides with longer vacations and the fans with more time to watch other sports.


Gary Bettman Is Trying To Be David Stern Despite Not Being David Stern

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With a lockout looming and looking more certain as each day passes, the NHL’s universe is quickly splitting into the standard factions of “It’s the greedy owners’ fault.



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Donald Fehr announced yesterday that he will be leaving his post as head of the MLB players' union within the next nine months, allowing his successor enough time to unpack his office and find out where the cafeteria is before negotiating baseball's next labor deal, which expires in December of 2011.

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