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Hey, Remember That Whole Thing About Katherine Webb Wanting Her Privacy?

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If I’ve learned anything from my decades of dating pop stars, actresses and models, it’s that there is always an agenda.


The Legal System Is Just And Fair: Miss USA Contestant Ordered To Pay Donald Trump $5 Million

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A former Miss USA contestant has been ordered to pay Donald Trump $5 million for suggesting the pageant was rigged.


Donald Trump Claims That Scotland Loves His New Golf Course, Scotland Disagrees

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Reality TV host, global real estate icon and world’s largest source of natural hot air Donald Trump <a href="">reached a new level of relevance during the 2012 presidential election</a>, as he trolled Twitter ever so hard and <a href="">goaded millions of people into reacting</a> to his shameless, arrogant and irresponsible opinions about President Barack Obama and the future of America.


Troll-Like Creature Donald Trump Is Mad At Brian Williams

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In the most lopsided media fight of all-time, Donald Trump is saying not nice things about Brian Williams, who called him out on NBC.


Donald Trump Is Not Taking Obama’s Victory Well

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Congratulations to Barack something Donald Trump is not saying.


Mark Cuban Offers To Donate $1-Million To Charity If Donald Trump Shaves His Head

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Mark Cuban wants to see what's beneath that roadkill Donald Trump keeps on top of his head. And he's willing to pay up to see it.

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Colbert To Trump: I’ll Give You $1 Million If You Let Me Dip My Balls In Your Mouth

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Well you just knew that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert would have something to say about scary Jack-O-Lantern <a href="">Donald Trump's hilarious P.T. Barnum/Geraldo Rivera impression</a>  yesterday.


Stephen Colbert’s Offer to Donald Trump


In light of Donald Trump's "bombshell" offer for President Barack Obama, Stephen Colbert makes a ridiculous offer of his own.

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Donald Trump’s ‘Major Announcement’ Appears To Be That He Is The New P.T. Barnum

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Remember that "major announcement" hilariously coiffed carnival barker Donald Trump was slated to make at noon today, one rumored to involve the Obamas' divorce papers? Yeah, well, we should have been so lucky.

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Donald Trump To Release Old Obama Divorce Papers Tomorrow, Or Something (UPDATED)

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For days now Donald Trump has been braying like a cracked-out donkey that he has some sort of Obama-screwing October surprise that he'd be dropping on us all tomorrow via Twitter and Facebook. The hot rumor: old Obama divorce papers.

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Donald Trump Using Twitter To Really Class Up The Republican Convention

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When it comes to squinty-eyed hot air balloon Donald Trump, it's best for sane people to ignore his moronic bloviations more often that not, as his relevancy seems to be about on par these days with the relevancy of the guy I saw pissing on the sidewalk when I went out to get coffee this morning.


Bob Dylan Accepts Presidential Medal Of Freedom Like A Boss


Here's where being a sitting president has its advantages when running for reelection: Obama got to spend his Tuesday hanging with Bob Dylan.

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The WithLeather Interactive Embarrassing Celebrity Baseball Fan Tracker

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With the success of the first installment of the <a href="">With Leather Awesome Celebrity Baseball Fan Tracker</a> last week, I decided that we had to explore the darker side of famous fans.


Donald Trump Offers Some Unsolicited Relationship Advice To Mark Zuckerberg, Because Why Not?


Look, I don't know Mark Zuckerberg, but I'm pretty sure he's a relatively smart guy.


Richard Branson Would Like You To Put His Head In Your Mouth


For as long as I can remember, Richard Branson has been one of my favorite billionaire playboys.


Donald Trump Blasts Sacha Baron Cohen's Red Carpet Attack On 'Great Guy' Ryan Seacrest

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When we last checked in on loud, puzzlingly coiffed reality show creature Donald Trump's YouTube vlog, he was braying on and on and on about how he has always maintained <a href="">a great relationship with "the blacks,"</a> because if there's anything "the blacks" love, it's a bloated, birther-conspiracy-pushing, bloviating white billionaire who <a href="">eats his crappy pizza with a knife and fork</a>.


Twelve Reasons Why NBC Is a Last-Place Network

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In 1976, NBC unveiled a new logo to replace their ubiquitous peacock.

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