People Want To Buy A New Boat For The Guy Whose Boat Was Ruined In The Watertown Standoff


People are sending donations to Watertown resident David Henneberry, whose boat was ruined in last night's police standoff with suspected bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev


Alan Moore to Contribute to “Occupy Comics”


Hard on the heels of punting Frank Miller for a field goal over Miller's boneheaded comments about the Occupy movement, Alan Moore has announced he'll be contributing a prose piece to "Occupy Comics".


Google Sick of Jimmy Wales Too, Donates $500K

You kind of have to feel bad for Jimmy Wales, who currently runs Wikipedia with an iron fist; he keeps posting those personal appeals and pretty much just gets ruthlessly mocked for them.

grace windram

Game Developers Trying To Help Little Girl Walk

Because we here at UPROXX are bitter and jaded from years of hard living, we don't generally run with heart-warming stories of people being nice to each other, unless it ends with an explosion or a screaming match or something -- but this is actually pretty cool.

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