Don't Tase Me Bro

A National Park Ranger Tasered The Hell Out Of Some Guy Flying A Drone


"Don't tase me, bro!" - not an actual quote, but appropriate.


SXSW Gets Invaded By A New Stun Gun Drone That Will Control Our Nightmarish Future


Chaotic Moon testedtheir new flying stun gun drone at SXSW and Popular Science got an up close look at it in action.


The Many Maniacal-Insane Faces of Jennifer Holliday


I don't watch "American Idol," so I didn't see Jennifer Holliday's performance with the runner-up, Jessica Sanchez, last night.


Square Painter Brings Internet Humor To Your Favorite 8-Bit Characters

I think we can all agree that Internet catchphrases and old school video games go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Taser Grenade

First Civilian Testing of 50,000 Volt Taser Grenade


More often than not, using a taser on someone usually ends with cheese and wine -the occasional phone number exchange- and it's because of this not-lethal-enough stigma that the fine folks over at Taser’s R&D lab in Scottsdale, Arizona decided to amplify its effectiveness by 50,000 volts.

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